Where is the largest hardware market in Suzhou?

Where is the largest hardware market in Suzhou? Address? Provide a few more requirements, thank you!

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  1. The production of fixtures is a comprehensive science. It requires us to clarify the tasks of design, analyze the parts of the parts, grasp the mechanical processing process rules of the workpiece, and understand the role, shape, structural characteristics, materials and technical requirements of the workpiece; Surface information such as various aspects. Practice has proved that only the continuous summary of experience, collecting design materials carefully, mastering the design of the design, and reasonably drafting the structural scheme of the fixture, and correctly arrange the manufacturing process and assembly process. Even on the basis of limited conditions, the structure of reasonable structure, reliable positioning, and economic practical clamping can be produced. The design and application of this fixture is greatly convenient for the processing of round or shaft parts. The structure is simple and convenient to operate. It can reduce costs, improve work efficiency, ensure quality, and have better promotion and application value.

    . When the slot width of the processing parts is less than 1mm, it is difficult to process it with ordinary mechanical equipment. The smaller the cutting tool, the more difficult it is to process, and even the processing; in this case, it must be adopted in this case. Special processing of electrostas of the electricity process or processing equipment of other electrical processing equipment can solve the processing of narrow tanks. The processing on the online cut tank online cutting machine tools has always been regarded as one of the processes with difficulty processing. Therefore, the use of germination and development of auxiliary fixtures, and through the good use of the effect, solve the technical problem of batch products on online cutting machine tools to process batch products. Essence

    The shortly ago, a company commissioned us to process a batch of ring products. In the production and processing of the parts, the narrow slot processing of the slot width is only 0.2mm and the circular and uniform cloth is prepared. The basic shape of the part: 48mm75mm, the material is 45 steel.

    . The technical analysis of the ring of the ring

    (1) the level of the forming position is high; The verticality requirements are 0.02;

    (3) 16 and 27 The two -hole requirements are 0.025;

    (4) 12 slots are compared to the central axis The centrality of the axis is 0.02;

    (5) The positioning size requirements are higher;

    of the six slots, the length of the six round holes is 50mm, and the other six lengths are 35mm. One length and one short point separate and the central circle requirements are all cloth. The upper deviation of the groove width is 0.02, and the lower deviation is 0.

    The processing requirements for the slot mouth is: to ensure a tolerance, length and 35mm in length with a width of 0.2mm, and the surface roughness of RA3.2M. Its accuracy requirement is that for this process, whether it is the processing of workpieces or finding a formal folder, it is quite difficult. Therefore, it is necessary to conduct a careful analysis and formulate the corresponding processing process.

    The conventional processing process for the workpiece is: (1) First of all, the six -balance line on the workpiece, and then use the naked eye to process the workpiece line. UV fixture. There is an error in finding a positive line with the naked eye, which cannot ensure the quality of processing. It often produces waste products, causing great losses to enterprises. It is characterized by the consistency of size tolerance and form tolerance during processing, as well as the accuracy of the positioning position, and the processing efficiency is too low. The average of this process can be cut only 2-3. (2) If you use a separate head -mounted folder processing, considering the current DK7725E line cutting machine tool workbench X -axis and Y -axis maximum length of only 250mm, because it is too difficult to install the clip of the machine, at the same time, the entire processing process requires the requirements of the entire processing process. The operator has a high level of technical level, concentrated carefully, and no wrong leakage. Adjustment of machine tools, the selection of electrical parameters, the application of the selection of the amount of cutting fluid, and the high labor intensity, and the production efficiency is not high. By analyzing parts, UV fixtures, and high technical requirements, and large processing batch, in order to maintain a good cooperative relationship with the enterprise and solve the difficulties for enterprises, we try to design a set of high -efficiency, simple, practical and similarly divided head -headed fixtures. To complete the processing task of the product.

    . The design principle of fixture

    design is mainly considering the basic requirements of line cutting and the size and accuracy requirements of the parts: to ensure the processing requirements of the workpiece; Production rate; simple production and convenient maintenance; low production costs.

    The principle of this set of fixtures is relatively simple. Drag a steel ball and use the elasticity of the spring (its elasticity can be adjusted according to loosening). Each rotation of the flange disc, the steel ball just fell in the small hole to achieve the rapid positioning of the rotation, rotating the score like the division head. The stand -up plate of the fixture is tightly connected to the flange plate to ensure the return accuracy.

    three, the structure of the fixture

    The composition is mainly composed of three major parts of the vertical board seat, flange plate, and three -claw card. It is characterized by the convenience of fixing, loading and unloading workpieces to ensure fast positioning; it can rotate at will, accurately divide, and ensure that the 12 lines are uniform; and the size of the fixture is just suitable for our DK7725E line cutting machine tool workbench. It is very convenient to use. It is very convenient to use. Essence

    1. Calle 2. Standing on board 3. French plate 4. Steel ball 5. Spring 6. Adjust screw 7. Strong nut 8. One -way thrust ball bearings 9 copper slide 10. Calm bolts

    . The production and assembly of fixture

    The main features of the fixture are: using the protruding part of the steel ball for positioning to control the fast separation of flange disk positioning and processing processing Essence

    1, the main component requirements

    ① Calcidal: use the K1180 three -claw custom card (with two types: positive claws and anti -claws), which can be used to install different rounds Workpons of ring or other axis.

    ② vertical board seat: Made of A3 steel material, this piece has a supporting role, the bottom board and the vertical side plate are 90 through the welding connection, and the bottom surface and the side are milling, grinding, grinding, grinding After the cutting process is completed, the verticality must be 0.015-0.02, and the surface roughness reaches RA1.6M; the height of the fixture center has a 35 hole for a fixed copper sliding cover. Compared to the verticality requirements of the side board, 0.025, the surface roughness reaches RA1.6m, and can be used to complete the milling.

    ③ French disk: 45 steel for the material, the 55 circle and 30 positioning of the stricken shaft of this piece, UV fixture, its coaxiality error must be strictly controlled within 0.025mm, and control Its circular error. The 55 -length 3mm of the French plate is 0.01-0.02mm; the back -end 30 is a sliding part, which must be recovered after local heating and quenching. It is RA1.6M; the central shaft is based on the back end of the flange plate. There are six positioning holes of the R3 deep 1.5 in the 47 round week. Requires vertical to 0.015.

    ④ steel ball: choose 6mm steel balls to play a positioning effect, UV fixture.

    ⑤ Spring: Use cylindrical spiral compression spring, spring wire diameter 0.8mm, and 6mm outer diameter. Therefore, the spring is not skewed when pressure.

    ⑥ adjustment screw: choose the flat head screw of the M81 to adjust the elasticity of the spring.

    紧 Tightening nut: select the M161 hexagonal nut to clamp the effect.

    ru to one -way thrust ball bearings: Select 8203 rolling bearings (8224GB301-64) to take a slip -up action.

    ⑨ slide cover: The material is selected from brass, the ups and dynamic effects, 35 and 30 holes require the coaxiality of 0.02, which can be completed by vehicle cutting; Reach 0.01-0.02;

    ⑩ bolts: Select the hexagonal bolt in M6 to play a tight connection effect.

    2, the assembly process

    The specific processing three -claw custom card and flange plate assembly plate and copper sliding cover on the milling machine The heart shaft of the vertical board seat and the steel ball positioning elastic debugging assembly French plate and the sliding cover of the stand -up seat of the vertical board seat and the clamping gap of the one -way thrust ball bearings.

    For the rotation accuracy of the cardiac shaft, when the inside of the inside of the sliding cover and the flange plate is assembled and the outer ring of the sliding cover is assembled with the stand -up plate, the directional assembly method is often used. Direct assembly is the direction of artificially controlling the radial jumping error of each assembly, so that the error offsets each other instead of accumulation, so as to improve the assembly accuracy.

    1, the work process of fixture:

    (1) The installation and adjustment of the fixture position the fixture to cut the middle position of the online cutting machine tool, and then use the percentage to school to stand on the board seat. The benchmark surface is parallel and vertical with the X -axis and Y axis of the machine tool, and the fixture is tightly fixed on the workbench with a screw. (2) Put the workpiece into the three -claw card (using anti -claws) to clamp the workpiece to make the end face of the workpiece tighten the side of the mount. (3) Before processing, the first one needs to use the automatic medium function in the machine tool to locate it, so that after the molybdenum wire is located in the center of the workpiece, cutting and processing can be cut according to the program. After the first piece is processed, the coordinate value of the X -axis and Y axis of the machine tool is locked, and there is no need to find it to continue processing in the future. (4) According to the processing process of the ring, considering the inconsistency of the slot length and shape of the processing of the workpiece, there are two ways to work in the flange plate: First, the processing method of one by one refers You need to rotate the direction of the positioning hole once and gradually process it. After each line is cut, the processing process sequence is required to continue processing. The second is that the jump processing method means that after the first line is cut, the flange plate must be transferred in the order of one more positioning hole (that is, twice) to process it in the same program until the procedure is processed. When the first program is completed, the second program is required, and the second program can be continued to use the same jump method.

    2, fixture production should pay attention to the process:

    (1) The gap between the cardiac shaft of the flange plate and the sliding sleeve and the gap must be controlled in the H7 / H6 Between and ensuring that the flange plate rotates flexibly. If the gap between the cardiac shaft and the slider is too small, the flange plate will turn difficulty; if the gap is too large, the radial beating error of the heart shaft will be large, which will affect the accuracy requirements of the workpiece processing. (2) The gap between the steel ball positioning hole and the steel ball in the stand -up seat must be controlled within 0.05-0.1mm to ensure the flexibility of the steel ball and spring. (3) The fixture is designed according to the turning class positioning fixture, and the elastic element positioning is used. Therefore, the central hole distance and depth size of the six average cloth holes on the flange disk should be controlled to reduce the manufacturing positioning error. Otherwise, the poor contact gap is too large, affecting the positioning accuracy.

    . The effect of use

    1. The production process is simple and not complicated, the cost is low, and the potential of the machine tool is given to achieve the purpose of one machine.

    2. After the trial cutting processing workpiece, the size accuracy of the narrow slot processing reaches level H8, the surface roughness value reaches RA = 1.2 ~ 3.2m, the straight lines of the slot width are also good, after the inspection It fully meets the size requirements of the drawings, and thousands of pieces have not occurred continuously, which has no waste products, which improves economic benefits for enterprises.

    3. After using this fixture, the processing efficiency is rapidly improved at the same time. At present, a class of a machine tool is processed by about 15 pieces, which is more than four times the efficiency, which reduces the operator's labor intensity. This set of fixtures is used for more than a year, and the performance is very stable.

  2. East and West City (street name) Hardware wholesale and retail streets and small roads around Shi Road are small -scale wholesale and retail shops. The oversized and strong hardware supermarket -Suzhou Bai'anju.

  3. Building materials hardware: It is recommended that you go to ‘Hengtang’.
    I industrial hardware mechanical and electrical: It is recommended that you go to Suzhou East Central City, there is the distribution center of Suzhou's largest and most complete hardware electromechanical accessories.

  4. Suzhou really doesn't know! However, the East District of Linyi River in Shandong is China Hardware City! Hardware products are not general ~

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