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  1. This major cultivates the comprehensive development of morality, wisdom, physical, and the United States, has good professional ethics and humanistic literacy, master the operating procedures, regulations, and international trade, international trade, international cargo transportation and other basic knowledge in the operation of economic trade, container management and transportation. The ability to operate is high -quality technical and technical talents engaged in container transportation services, documents, sales and other work.

    The employment direction of container transportation management is mainly for ports, shipping, agency services and other industries. Puts related to the container business of the company, freight forwarding company, are engaged in the work of box management, warehouse management, scheduling, on -site, box inspection, box repair, documents, operations, customer service, sales and other work.
    The employment prospects of container transportation management Professional. With the development of container transportation and the acceleration of transportation turnover, the existing container ownership is obviously insufficient, so the container ownership will have a lot of increase in the future. The proportion of special box boxes has significantly increased, such as the growth rate of the refrigerated boxes in recent years. Container transportation development trend The continued growth of container transportation. Compared with other transportation methods, container transportation is a newer model. This transportation method itself is constantly developing and innovating. Market share.
    The main occupation capabilities of container transportation management With the learning ability and innovation and entrepreneurial ability of new knowledge, new skills;
    . With the operation capacity of the import and export business link;
    . Have the ability to operate the cargo transportation practice of international containers;
    . Master the relevant knowledge and methods of international trade.

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