1 thought on “In 2022, which market is good for medical beauty and oral cavity”

  1. Choose the oral development. Due to the upgrading of consumer concepts, the customer base of dental medical institutions has been upgraded from a low net worth customer of tooth extraction and low net worth of teeth to high net worth of dental and whitening, lack of dental repair, and periodontal disease prevention. market expansion.

    . What are the oral examination items?

    1, openness check. Check whether the opening degree is normal, whether the opening is limited or too large.

    2, check the teeth. See if the crown is complete, there is no empty hole. Whether the tooth position is correct, whether the tooth is crowded, and whether the occlusion is abnormal. It also depends on the health of the periodontal, exploring the depth of the gingival ditch, and the loosening of the teeth.

    3. It depends on the function of the temporal mandibular joint. Whether there is a burst of burst when it is turned on and whether there is a sense of oppression.

    4. Also check the function of salivary glands and muscles around the oral cavity.

    . What are the medical beauty projects?

    1. Medical projects generally include wrinkle removal, laser freckle removal, cleft lip and palate repair, ears deformed correction and laser scar removal. You need to choose medical and aesthetic projects that are suitable for you according to your facial conditions.

    2. If the skin is loose, you can choose to improve wrinkle removal surgery. Wrinkle removal surgery includes many types, such as injection of wrinkle removal or leather surgery, which can also be improved by wire carving. After removing wrinkles, pay attention to skin care to avoid using cosmetics and avoid infection.

    three, what is the beauty of medicine?

    1. Medicine beauty generally refers to a method that uses western basic medicine, clinical medicine, medical beauty and other methods to achieve skin care effects.

    2, beauty can improve the skin condition by using practical skills such as beauty, beauty care, and image design, achieve the effect of conditioning the skin, and enhance the beauty of the face. At the same time, it should also be combined with traditional Chinese medicine beauty care technology such as massage, acupuncture, traditional Chinese medicine maintenance, and dietary conditioning to achieve the effect of improving skin quality.

    In concluding, the oral development prospects are good. Due to the concept of medical treatment nearby, the restrictions on the area of ​​the diagnosis and treatment, and the guidance of the national medical insurance system, there is a certain service radius in dental medicine. Normative.

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