2 thoughts on “I often see how to do marketing after QQ group QQ everywhere”

  1. I can ask you to wake you up,
    The first step: choose your keywords first. This keyword is the name of the QQ group. The word you choose must be searched.

    The second part: starting the group, it is best to choose, so the credibility is high.

    The third part: upgrade group level is 1: perfect group information, upload 10 files, upload pictures, and issue announcements.

    above is some steps of marketing.

    The important knowledge is below: the above is a QQ, and then I set up multiple such groups. The group names are the same. If the fans can go to a certain treasure. In this case, you can dominate the screen. If you don’t believe it, you can go to QQ to search for the Dongguan SEO.

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