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  1. Personality: I am dedicated and keen observation. Can cooperate with the team work well and do a good job of work from the overall interests. Have a positive attitude of work, willing to work hard and work hard without supervision.

    Ip work experience: Have 2 years of actual beauty artist experience, mainly responsible for receiving customers, proposing skin care and treatment, and targeted sales products. Because of his skillful and good service attitude, he has received great welcome from customers.

    The I love the beauty industry very much, good service awareness, and sincerely look for like -minded beauty salons.

    The body health, flexible mind, full of energy, and can bear hardships and stand hard work. With 2 years of actual work experience, love his job, he is enthusiastic and thoughtful for customers, and has been named "Outstanding Employees of Beauty Sympoling". And strong sales capabilities, good at communicating with customers.

    1. I have received systematic training in beauty and body

    2, 3 years of actual beauty artist experience, strong professional knowledge, and rich professional post experience.

    3, enthusiastic and cheerful, strong affinity, can communicate with customers well. Be honest and upright, be brave to take responsibility, and be able to bear pressure.

    4. Cooperation ability: Good team cooperation spirit can actively cooperate with colleagues.

  2. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer 1. Focus on your work experience and responsibility to highlight your growth in your work experience. Previously related work experiences such as beauticians were the top priority. In terms of work description, focus on highlighting the growth and gain of your work. Require your work experience and not blur. And to write your responsibilities, your work tasks, and the final result. In the process of writing resumes with a certain experience in the work experience of a beautician, they should focus on highlighting their advantages and focusing on their work achievements. If you are a cosmeticist in different beauty salons, if you just list the names and positions of the beauty salon you have worked, it is meaningless. It is best to add your own experience and the growth you get in the work description. Essence The description of the job seeker must not be ignored by the description of his work. Details you can make the employer more well impressions to you. Second, the professional and technical capabilities of beauty services as the direct provider of beauty services, in the end, the attitude of attracting customers is the technical level of beauty artists, beautiful and body masters. Therefore, the skill expertise is essential. Third, highlight the work content of the sales performance of the sales performance before, product sales are an important part of. Therefore, sales capabilities are crucial. When writing a work experience, especially when writing your work achievements, you must speak with numbers to avoid the use of fuzzy words. Don't just write "good sales" or "rich team spirit", these empty words are not attractive to recruiters. Fourth, showing your good service consciousness can describe your understanding of service consciousness in self -evaluation.

  3. Beauty artist, self -introduction can write your advantages, what you are good at doing, and which aspect of your work. Name;
    Is hobbies, origin, academic or business experience (should pay attention to the company);
    P. R n04
    advantages and skills (should highlight the contribution to the company);
    to summarize your own characteristics with humor or soda can deepen the impression of others; work
    Working work The self -introduction of the formula is mainly suitable for work. It is the center of self -introduction; communication and friends because of work. Sometimes it is also called official introduction.
    The content of the self -introduction of the working type shall include three items including my name, the unit and its department, their departments, responsible positions, or specific work. They call the three elements of working self -introduction content, which is usually indispensable. Among them, the first name should be reported in one bite. There must be no name or nameless. The second unit and their departments may be reported, and the specific working department can sometimes not be reported for the time being. The third item should be responsible for the position or the specific work. It is best to report the position in the position, the low position or the no duties of etiquette
    The self -introduction of etiquette, suitable for lectures, reports, performances, celebrations, rituals, etc. Some formal and solemn occasions. It is a self -introduction that intends to represent friendship and respect for the object of interaction.
    The content of the self -introduction of etiquette also includes names, units, positions, etc., but you should also add more suitable humility and respect to show that your courtesy is treated.

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