1 thought on “How to recruit an excellent front -end engineer”

  1. I will share with you a few useful knowledge points (hahahaha):
    1 .. Social (human network) website or application
    QQ group, Weibo
    Use your social relationship with QQ group.
    MB's private message was used to dig a solid and high -value female front -end engineer, and used the QQ group to help Alibaba dig a few formal front -end engineers, two extremely excellent intern.
    2 .. Ultimate weapon-github
    github, you can see a person's coding state at once, the technical direction, code style, code quality, branch creation style and merger method, and even when the Issue is established The attitude and expression (English) ability, the writing style and description ability of the document ...
    The most important thing is that most people's homepage has mailboxes and blog addresses, including code comments. You can mention Pull Request to get goodwill, and then get the contact information gradually. Spending 2 hours a day and strolling around GitHub, you will find that Chinese programmers are so many and information is so complete. I can only help me help. You are here.
    3 .. Ultimate Salon 2 -Vertical Forum
    Although GitHub is very good, this is a active attack type, so that others can find you, so don't take the initiative to find someone. This is the charm of the forum. Others see that others see it. Your post, the resume came in naturally.
    Actually you need to be attentive, you also need to be objective, you also need to wait for it sincerely, you also need to interact!

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