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  1. How to pull people in WeChat:
    1. Click on the WeChat on the phone.
    2, after entering WeChat, find the WeChat group you need to pull your friends in.
    3, enter the chat information page of WeChat group, click the three small dot icon buttons in the upper right corner.
    4. Click the " " icon button on the new page.
    5, choose the name of your friends who need to pull into the WeChat group, and then click the OK button in the upper right corner.
    6. After clicking OK, you can see that you have succeeded in your friends closer WeChat group.
    The WeChat group chat is indispensable in daily life, so if you need to pull people into the group, you can follow the above operations.
    In WeChat update to the latest version, in the group chat message settings, there is an extra "folding group chat". If you add a lot of groups, this function is pretty useful, throw the group chats that do not look frequently into the folding, the interface is a lot of refreshing. The folding group will appear in the place where the chat list is relatively backward, just like the subscription number message, it is collected together.

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