What will happen to Jieyang's development in the next five years? The urban area (Rongcheng, Dongshan, Test Area), Jiedong, Huilai, Jiexi, Puning (including 2 management areas)

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  1. Let me introduce it to you:
    . The new city of the urban area
    The new city district is located in the fishing lake peninsula east of the Lotus Avenue in the urban area. Opposite, unique geographical location, convenient water and land transportation, infrastructure construction such as roads, power supply, and water supply in the area are becoming more and more complete. In particular, the construction of 3 billion yuan in construction of urban urban defense comprehensive projects and supporting municipal facilities are being promoted. The 29 -kilometer "Golden Belt" in the dyke fence of 5,000 years of the Chinese historical and cultural landscape promenade, and the urban sewage treatment plant and other major projects are planned to be completed by the end of September 2008. The investment environment of the new urban area will be further optimized. At present, the planned area of ​​Xincheng District covers an area of ​​50 square kilometers. It is planned to attract 20 billion US dollars. In accordance with the idea of ​​"building boutique urban areas and building landscape cities", it will strive to become an important strategic area for the Chaoshan Metropolitan City. Broadly promising modern emerging city.

    . The Airport Economic Zone
    The junior town of Denggang Town, Gang Town, and Du Town, Jiedong County, the "Golden Triangle" of Chaoshan Three City, is adjacent to Shantou City in the east, and north is connected to the north. Chaozhou City, in the western Jieyang city, the extended area includes Quxi, Yujiao, Yunlu and other towns (streets). It covers an area of ​​190 square kilometers and can develop 60 square kilometers. Preliminary plans to set up 5 functional areas of electronic information, high -tech industrial industries, bonded zones, logistics and warehousing and commercial services.

    . The Dananhai (International) Petrochemical Comprehensive Industrial Park
    is located in the offshore area of ​​the southeast end of Huilai County. Part of the petrochemical base that has been included in the key development of the "Eleventh Five -Year Plan" in Guangdong Province. The district has three major investment advantages such as water and land transportation convenience, excellent port conditions, and sufficient hydropower supply. It plans to plan port warehousing zones, core petrochemical development zones, central parks, service centers, fine chemical areas, and distant industrial development zones.

    . The Jieyang High -tech Industrial Development Zone
    is located at the junction of Jiedong County and Jiexi County. The entrance and exit of the highway are about 14 kilometers, about 19 kilometers from the National Highway 206, and the total area is about 66.7 square kilometers. The entire development area is an unprepared hill and mountain land, which is rich in land resources; there are tap water plants with a dragon -necked reservoir power plant, the Dabei Mountain Reservoir power plant, and the water supply capacity of 100,000 tons per day. The hydropower resources are very rich. The area will focus on the development of machinery manufacturing, IT hardware, biopharmaceuticals, stainless steel, new materials and energy conservation and environmental protection industries.

    It Jieyang City Five, Puning Yingge Mountain Industrial Park
    is located in Yingge Mountain in the northern part of Puning City, connects the provincial highway in the east, the Tsuku Expressway in the west, and the Shanpu Expressway in the west. About 5 kilometers, about 2.5 kilometers on the north side of the provincial highway, the cotton road and the high -speed entrance of the provincial highway. The park covers an area of ​​about 133 square kilometers, and most of them are mounds with small undulating land, with low investment costs. At present, the park is planned and designed by the South China University of Technology Architectural Design and Research Institute. The theme of "health, green, environmental protection" is divided into four groups and main parks, professional parks, strong corporate bases, and strong corporate bases, and strong enterprise bases, and Comprehensive business functional service areas 4 areas; industrial positioning is dominated by the pharmaceutical high -tech industrial cluster, combined with research and development innovation, productive services, modern logistics and other industries, creating a well -known and international export -oriented pharmaceutical manufacturing in China Industry base and pharmaceutical business large logistics area platform.

    . The Dannan Mountain Industrial Zone, Jieyang
    is located in the Overseas Chinese Management Zone of Dashanshan, covering an area of ​​6.2 square kilometers. It has four investment advantages;
    1. Water and land transportation is convenient. 3 kilometers away from the National Highway 324, 6 kilometers in Longjiang entrances on the Shenzhen -Shanshan Expressway, 10 kilometers in the entrance and exit of the Kwa Tan in the Exposure of the Highway, and 15 kilometers from Jiazi Port.
    2, the ecological environment is good. Located in the hills, the mountains are beautiful, the environment is beautiful, and the air is fresh. It belongs to the subtropical monsoon climate.
    3, sufficient land resources. All land in the industrial zone belongs to state -owned land, most of which are hillside (non -cultivated land); forestry land in the industrial zone has been changed to non -forestry land, all available for development and utilization.
    4, improvement of infrastructure. There is 1 tap water plant with a small firepower power plant with a water supply capacity of 1,000 tons per day. Fixed telephones, broadband Internet access, and mobile communication cover the entire district.

    Igly-important projects
    Ili-Jieyang City I. Huilai Power Plant
    Huilai Power Plant Project is jointly invested by Guangdong Electric Power Development Co., Ltd. and Guangdong Yuedian Group Co., Ltd. For new power projects, the overall planning construction is 2 × 60 6 × 1 million kilowatt units, with a total planned investment of 40 billion yuan. In February 2007, the unit No. 1 of the plant was officially put into production, with an annual power generation of 3 billion kilowatt -hours, an annual output value of nearly 1 billion yuan, and an annual taxation of 200 million yuan. The Huilai Power Plant No. 2 will also be put into commercial operation at the end of June 2007. Unit 3 and 4 are currently promoting the previous work.

    . Chaoshan Civil Airport
    Chaoshan Civil Airport is located in the turret town of Jiedong County, Jieyang City. It is the center of Chaoshan three cities. It is about 20 kilometers from Chaoshan City. The entire airport construction is expected to invest more than 4 billion yuan. It is listed as the national "Eleventh Five -Year Plan" planning project construction project, and the key construction project of the "Eleventh Five -Year Plan" in Guangdong Province, and

    is expected to be put into use at the end of 2010.
    . The urban defense comprehensive project of Jieyang City
    It Jieyang Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government made a decision to introduce 3 billion yuan to the construction of a city -defense comprehensive project and supporting municipal facilities in 2004. There are 106 engineering projects, covering flood prevention, transportation, greening, environmental protection, culture and other projects. The main contents are Rongcheng and Yuhu embankment (44.92 kilometers), along the embankment roads and green belts (39.8 kilometers), and the city's main roads renovate and renovate Wait for projects. The entire comprehensive project will follow the needs of the landscape planning and urban development in accordance with the "two rivers and four banks" landscape planning and urban development. Landscape city.

    . Huilai Wuyu Nuclear Power Plant
    The plan to invest in more than US $ 100 billion. It has signed a framework agreement with China -Guangzhou Nuclear Power Group. Waiting for the early stage of work, entering the substantial construction in 2009.

    . The LNG project of LPG
    has a total investment of more than 60 billion yuan. It has signed a framework agreement with CNOOC, and strives to complete feasibility studies and various special assessments at the end of this year. The CNOOC Petroleum Jieyang City Gas and Energy Co -Raiders are established. It is planned to build two to three LNG satellite stations at Jieyang by the end of 2007 to start Jieyang.

    . Jieyang (Huilai) Petrochemical Comprehensive Industrial Project
    is located in the offshore area of ​​the southeast end of Huilai County, covering an area of ​​30 square kilometers. It has been listed as a petrochemical base for the "Eleventh Five -Year Plan" in Guangdong Province. The district plans functional areas such as port warehousing areas, core petrochemical development zones, central parks, service centers, fine chemical areas, and distant industrial development zones. The total plan to invest more than $ 30 billion, and has signed an agreement with Singapore and Bang Group, and the preliminary work is being carried out.

    Igly City-Municipal Construction
    Is to build 4 bridges such as Rongjiang, Rongdong, Meidong, Beihe Bridge around the city. 103 124 kilometers, the green coverage rate in the urban area was 32.24 %, and the per capita had a green area of ​​5.05 square meters. The overall planning of the new city area of ​​50 square kilometers is basically completed, and it is being promoted to the development and construction of China Merchants. Investment 3 billion yuan to build urban urban defense comprehensive projects and supporting municipal facilities accelerated, Huangqishan Forest Park, Rongjiang Large Music Fountain, etc. were completed and put into use. The transformation is basically completed. The renovation of the old city has been steadily implemented. The area of ​​the construction area of ​​the urban area has expanded from 7.8 square kilometers before the construction of the city to 36 square kilometers. The 181 square kilometers of the urban planning area is setting off a wave of construction. Jieyang has begun to take shape as emerging and medium cities.

  2. Rongcheng: Created as the historical and cultural city of Jieyang
    Dongshan: Construction into the core city of Jieyang Modernization
    The test area: Developed into Jieyang High -tech Industrial Zone and Ecological Tourism Zone
    Huilai: Developed into a seaside city
    It Jiexi: Building characteristic mountain cities

  3. The economy will definitely go up, the environmental conditions will decline, and more and more corrupt officials will be!

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