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  1. Peng Zhiyong, deputy researcher at the Yichang City Transportation Bureau of the Evil Land ... Dark Law (please see the real events below)
    It is Fa. I said it, and it ’s okay to kill you. Or in the case, in 2010, he entered the marriage platform on the Zhenai.com marriage platform and had a number of women in different places. In April 2011, Peng Zhiyong found the information of another member of Zhenai.com. In the early May 2011, Peng Min scammed Cheng to Yichun to start living together. During the period of communication, Peng still maintained a relationship with women with multiple sexual relations. Cheng had proposed to break up. Peng Chengnuo would be safe after marriage. Because when he got along with before marriage, Peng learned that Cheng Jing had a cash for many years to put a cash at home and wanted to buy a car. The career before Cheng's marriage was financial financial personnel. Before the marriage, Peng Tao Cheng said that he can lend him some cash first. He can make more money through the interpersonal network. And promised to buy a sedan when you get married as a wedding ceremony.

    The first lending to Peng is 30,000 cash dates: mid -May. Reasons: Cheng was lost due to a jade bracelet before. When I was in Wenzhou, I originally planned to go directly to Shanghai to buy it, but that time was exactly the information that Peng found Cheng before the marriage platform of Zhenai.com and went to Shanghai to meet in early May. Cheng pays 2 rooms by himself. After meeting in Shanghai, Peng was deceived to Yichang. Cheng said that he wanted to go to Shanghai to buy a jade bracelet. Peng said that one friend was a jade business. He could buy a jade bracelet that was cheaper than the market price and asked Cheng to give him 30,000 cash to him. So Cheng Cheng Cheng Just take out the 30,000 cash on the accompanying belt to Peng. But after Cheng's case-hasn't seen jade bracelets so far. )

    The second time is 50,000 cash (the second time is about 50,000 to Peng in late June. Ready to buy a car. In June, Peng Wen Cheng borrowed 50,000 cash. Peng said that he needed to turn on the leadership of the Nanchang Transportation Bureau). Peng Du asked Cheng to return to his hometown to buy the cash he received directly. For Cheng, it was cash. Do not go from the bank card. You can see your family when you go home. Later, in the court, he could not provide a certificate that was lent by Peng from the court). At present, Cheng You asked Peng to lend it. Peng said that he has been a leader for so many years, and then how the 50 -year -old age looks like someone who will cheat money. 9 years older than Cheng. At that time, Cheng was eager to have a complete family philosophy. At that time, he also believed in the promise of La Peng. After that, Peng repeatedly borrowed cash,

    is about July, 8th, or No. 9 for the third time. Peng deceives 120,000 cash. The reason is that because Peng has been urging the marriage certificate, Cheng Congyi Chun returned to his hometown and returned to his hometown to consult. However, Cheng's household registration was still in Xiamen at that time. The Civil Affairs Bureau said that he had to go to the place where the household registration was located to apply for a marriage certificate. Peng No. 8 or No. 9 drove to Chengjiaxiang to pick up Yichun and return to Yichun to apply for a marriage certificate. This time, I went to Yichun to take out 120,000 cash from the safe. Because I want to buy a car for myself to make a dowry. Peng promised to return the money borrowed from B before receiving the marriage certificate, so that Cheng gave him all the cash stored in his family. He could buy 300,000 cars. I have a strong desire to have a complete family, and I do n’t think much about it, so I simply give myself the last 120,000 cash left in the home of 300,000 in the family for many years. Peng Yu consulted to deceive money). (I haven't seen the car so far).

    In Cheng's 300,000 cash in the safe stored in his housing house, remove nearly 50,000 expenses generated in the common life of Peng (pay the Cordyceps sinensis health products purchased by Peng), and the remaining 250,000 cash points are more The second borrowed to Peng.
    It repeatedly proposed to apply for marriage procedures with Cheng Office. At first, Peng and Cheng intend to apply for a marriage certificate at Chengjiaxiang Civil Affairs Bureau. Since Cheng was still a household registration at the time, he returned to Cheng Yichun Yuanzhou District's household registration. Under the urging of Peng, on July 14, 2011, he applied for a wedding certificate in the civil affairs department of Yuanzhou District, where Peng Humin was located. When applying for a marriage certificate, there are also drivers of the unit. After the Civil Affairs Bureau came out, the driver sent Peng to return the unit. The driver said with emotion, "You can get a marriage certificate when you are so short. I don't know if this will be too hasty. He knows too little about Peng. The driver comforts the plaintiff and said that he and his daughter -in -law are also the same. I feel that a person's life is not very complete, and the celibate is eager to a simple, ordinary, and complete family for more than ten years. He did not imagine that Peng dare to publicly provoking the law as a national civil servant, and dare to register on the Xiamen Zhenai Network Marriage Platform on the Xiamen Zhenai Network Wedding Platform. Payment members are boldly playing with women with marriage. In April 2011, after finding the information from the wedding website platform, they have planned to cheat Cheng's emotions and funds. Cheng Zhenai.com's registration date is March 2011. (Peng registered Zhenai.com member network marriage platform in 2010, he failed to divorce, and it was not a divorced single). Under the incompetent deception of the defendant, Cheng did not fully understand that Peng was coaxed to get married. Good establishment new families give up high salary hires in the industry in the area.

    In after marriage, I found that Peng has many deterioration and ugly states:
    1 " Women who have a sexual relationship maintain the relationship: Peng and the lover who associated with his wife when he did not divorce still comes from. I was recording by Jia Peng's own mobile phone (the mobile phone was retained). In April 2011, there were many ambiguous text messages commensurate with husband and wife. These technical appraisal vouchers were another old phone used by Peng. After marriage, Peng and Nanchang Three women who have a sexual relationship continue to come and go. Peng has two mobile phones at the same time. One of the new mobile phones Peng never left his hand and often shut down the unit with a business on the grounds of a business trip. Private life erosion!

    2 "After the marriage, Peng warned that Cheng could not disassemble and see what others sent, saying that he had to pass the items sent by others in order to transfer it. The younger brother of the work passed through to the Nanchang Transportation Department*Director Xiangyu and Yu coral (the jade elephant value of 30,000, the jade coral value of 20,000) can only arrange this position through the buying and through the relationship. And the car is allowed to use it and improve the power. (Later, I went to Nanchang to find someone to give gifts. The news incident had just reported to the one hall to collect bribes and suspend them. Deputy investigator, saying that he does not have much real power, others will not give him a gift easily, but the brother's relationship alone will not get too much benefits)

    3 "Tibet : At the end of August, the deputy researcher at the Yichang City Transportation Bureau, Peng Units on a business trip, a female staff member, Peng, female colleague, Cheng, and three people went. hang On the hanger, when the place where the residence was changed, Peng took out all Cheng washing supplies from the luggage and threw the last residence room. Peng scolded Cheng in a rude language. On the night, he cried in another female colleague's room. When I went to Tibet from Yichang, I took their own 8,000 cash. After the cash brought by Cheng was taken out of the Tibetan Buddhist Palace and took out the tribute and other expenses with Peng in the Buddha Xiang burner, Peng could not get 9,000 when he wanted to buy Tibetan medicine. After using it, I only have to go out with a credit card. I do n’t know if I can still swipe the amount above. Peng said that his bank card did not bring it out. He said that he would pay Cheng before. Cheng Qi said that it was like this every time. All the costs of life and life are the expenses of your own, and he was taken out of his hand. Ask Peng what kind of care. Peng promised to return to Yichun with the amount of cash borrowed before marriage. At that time, Cheng could only use his own credit card to buy help Peng to buy Tibetan medicine.

    4 "On September 12, Cheng returned to Yichun's residence from his hometown (returned to his hometown and was beaten out of Yichun's house a few days ago). Peng Zheng was sitting on the sofa and watched TV leisurely in the living room. After Cheng Chuang immediately, he went to the guest room to open the notebook to see the financial disk. Password, I can't open normally. In the laptop D/E disk, the precious documents accumulated for many years, the valuable photos that have been recorded from childhood to now, and the information of all financial customers in the previous work nature and the accounts and passwords of Cheng's own banks, securities, and precious metals have been deleted. Cheng was Meng at the time, and went to the living room to ask Peng who was making Kung Fu tea. Peng said that he copied everything, so he said what to do, so B must have to obey unconditionally, and he must open his eyes and close his eyes and cannot interfere with his private life. Cheng felt chill and disappointed. "You also borrowed 250,000 cash borrowed here, we immediately separated." Cheng Qi went to the guest room. To protect it with his hand, Peng was helpless. He grabbed and raised his notebook to smash it underground. Ministry and upper body heart parts. Cheng struggled to open the door to call for help from his neighbors (available for evidence). Peng grabbed B's hair and dragged back the door and dragged it back to the room and poured it on the bed. When Cheng was beaten and lying on the bed, he hadn't gotten up, and Peng rushed into the room again after he went out. He also held the short dagger in the kitchen knife in his hand, pointing to Cheng threatened: "Yi Chun is my world, you, you, you, you A foreigner, I just kill you now. I can't get me. I don't need my brother's relationship with the court. Borrowing your money, you do n’t even have a certificate. Open the door and ask for help, "Peng is going to kill, everyone will help me call the police!" (There is a certificate) Then Cheng wants to use the machine phone to call the police. A fist size. While Peng closed the door again, Cheng held La Peng with his hands holding a dagger with both hands. The skin of half a small finger nearby, Peng immediately said that Cheng was going to kill him and hit 110. He said that there were acquaintances in the Public Security Bureau, and he could get a reason to get a reason to get Cheng. . Cheng Zaiyun has no relatives, living in Yichun for a short time, and not building any friends. Cheng Dang is too scared. Before 110, Cheng made a few more time for help. , Dare to close the door alone with Peng. Peng Bian continued to wave his fist to beat Cheng Bian outside the door (at that time Cheng's body was half inside the door, half of the door outside the door) "Permination of evidence". , Peng Yi's friends came, and another friend came later. After 110, Peng has been emphasizing that he is a leader, his brother is a certain relationship from a certain court, etc. He said that he would not go to the police station. Say Cheng kill him, grab Cheng Cheng to the police station. Cheng pleases the comrades of the 110 police station to say that they must go to the transcript together. Cheng requests to retain the scene, slipped the fingerprint, and requires the police station to investigate. His friends drove to the police station by themselves. After getting to the police station, the friends of Peng Gong's system asked Cheng to let Peng presented the transcript. Cheng steals his tea and steals his tea. 3. Cheng stealing his valuable items (wine, collections). After the transcript of Peng Mankou's lies was finished, he opened all the facts. After the transcript, the neck could not stand upright, and I was anxious to go to the hospital to deal with the pain and nausea of ​​the head and head. At that time, I did not consult the original manuscript and signature of the notes recorded by the staff of the police station. Friends or family members, there are no places to go, and afraid Peng will beat and persecute again. The police station will call the check -up at the Luecheng Police Station 07953 ... 28 said that there is something to call this call. After Cheng came out from the police station The hospital emergency. The doctor's case was diagnosed with a soft tissue injury, the face and the eyes were blurred and the brain fluctuated. Since the cost of taking the medicine when I went out, Cheng returned to the residence of the common life after the hospital came out. I found that there is no Feng Shui vase under the living room TV in the small living room. The location of his wine and other items was all empty, and Peng has been transferred by Peng A while in the hospital's short time. The next day, Cheng's pain after being beaten to Peng went to Peng's unit and asked for help to the organization's response. When the director said when Peng got married, everyone didn't know. The director said that the organization would talk to Peng to talk about the facts. It is wrong to say why Peng still had a family violence and saw Cheng's bruised appearance and said that Peng moved his wife to beat his wife. After coming out of the unit, he was not in good health. When he was dizzy several times, he returned to the residence to rest. At about 6 pm, Peng and his units and colleagues and friends came to the residence where they lived together. Peng said that the leader asked him to talk, please forgive him, and give him another chance to change his mistake. Another husband and wife told Cheng for another chance to correct Peng. Cheng's desire to hold back his sorrow with his desire to have a family before marriage, the ideological theme concept of the end of life. To the other three people at the scene, "The apology cannot make up for the damage and losses I have suffered. Peng's quality is extremely bad. I can't believe his guarantee anymore. I need a little time to sort it. First Because after marriage, I gave up the work invitation to work in the field. I did not have a job income in Yichun. I could only pay attention to my financial platform on the computer. Second, I must copy everything from the notebook to return everything to everything. I. "Peng said in front of the colleagues and couples at the time that the notebook was paid to Cheng, but only admitted that the computer's computer was taken to the outside computer store to ask others to delete all things in the D/E disk. All things inside. The wife of the colleague of the unit said, "You all get along with the same time, and you may not know the words and wait for the words, how can you forgive Peng" and other words. When Cheng heard the words involved in the economy, he was annoyed: "I have never seen a penny cash of A's money to pay for the living expenses. All the expenses I went out (tickets, accommodation, meals, shopping, etc.) were reimbursed by Penga to the unit. He said that he had the right to reimburse all invoices, and all reimbursement money was returned to me. I have never cared about it. I spent all my own expenses. I gave up a lot for this family and treated this family wholeheartedly. Peng always told me that all his salary cards were given to me. Only the salary card of 57 yuan or 59 yuan was handed over to me on the account, and it was taken back by A before a week. How could it not maintain his husband's face on the outside. When a woman's contact, I did not imagine that Peng was such a despicable quality. Peng's pre -marriage ceremony had not been fulfilled. Cheng Gang was going to say that he had been borrowed by A many times before marriage to accumulate 250,000 yuan in cash. When returned, the topic was interrupted by female colleagues.

    This that night said to Cheng Cheng that the amount borrowed before returning the Cheng Cheng. Cheng's computer, at the same time, also entered the bank card, part of the one before borrowed, (160,000 amounts). No documents were copied on the computer. The 160,000 on the card was in real time to fulfill some pre -marital gifts. After the money he borrowed, he returned Cheng Cheng. Cheng proposed to let Peng Dan's debit again and said that he could not believe Peng. Peng once again promised his cash before the marriage. We are both husband and wife. If you don't know it, we will take care of his life. Cheng thought that the person in Peng had a person who admitted the mistake when the unit was present and promised that he would really correct it in the future. Think about yourself since you get married, so you still have the opportunity to correct Peng again. On September 18, Cheng and Peng explained that they returned to their hometown to handle their hukou and restore their lower body. His wife's household registration address. Peng purchased a second -hand house (Yuanzhou District, Yichun City ... Room), and has not completed the procedures for real estate. Cheng found this problem after the move from Xiamen's household registration to Yichun. We moved back again. In the early morning of the 18th, Peng called the unit driver to come to the community to live downstairs and drive to the train station together. When you go to the gate of the train station, Cheng said to Peng to open his suitcase and let the driver look at Cheng Cheng. There is only Cheng's own items in the luggage. Cheng had a disgusting thing in his heart because he heard Peng Mankou's lies at the 110 police station. Peng turned his head.

    The violence beat the pain of the injured pain and the shameless behavior in the brain that made Cheng Riji sorrow and tears. After the bruises on the face disappear, the National Day arrived again. The cash in his hand has been borrowed by Peng, and he can only pay the funds and The cost of life. During the rest of his hometown, Cheng has been looking forward to the call of Peng, and expects Peng to truly change his self -renewal and can truly correct the wrong life. However, after the National Day, Peng did not have a call. Cheng was strange. Another mobile phone number applied for by Peng's ID card in Yichun (Peng said that all his name units can be reimbursed). After Cheng returned to his hometown, he was stopped by Peng a few days after he returned to his hometown (1390 ... 5). Before the incident, Peng did not stop Yichun's card before the incident, and he used this phone number card to talk during Yichun. A few days later, Peng Dingwen Wenzhou's phone number, Peng threatened and blackmail Cheng on the phone ... Cheng, Cheng told Peng Zhiyong to report to the Discipline Inspection Commission to report him, Peng said that Yi Chun was his world.

    On October 5th, Peng and his friends accompanied him to the police station and went to Cheng's home. First go to Cheng's mother's house to disturb the facts of the honest mother and the simple brother of the unknown truth, intimidate the facts, threatened to go to the judicial bureau to tell Cheng Cheng and other words (the poor old mother fell ill every day). At the same time, Cheng was shining in the bathroom in the house he purchased. He heard a strong knock on the door of the room, but no one spoke and no one called Cheng name. After a minute of pause, Cheng was put on clothes and heard downstairs and heard downstairs. The elder brother called Cheng name loudly, Cheng opened the door, Peng and his friends entered. Brother Cheng went upstairs. When Peng sat down, he said to Cheng: "Two things: (to record the original words) 1" If you want to live a good life, let Cheng must return nearly 200,000 to deceive from his hand, and what valuables are stolen? The items are returned to him. 2 "If the divorce, he will not have a wealth of money, and the journey must return nearly 200,000 to deceive from his hand, and what valuable antique items are stolen." In short Take money to Peng. At that time, Cheng was dizzy. When he said "You are too shameless," in a word, Peng immediately got up and went out. The Pengs left from entering the house to sitting down for less than 2 minutes and said what he wanted to say immediately. Cheng Cai completely awakened Peng's despicable insidious, and Peng found Cheng on the marriage platform from the beginning.

    The passwords of some email/QQ/wealth management trading accounts that have been saved on the notebook after the journey, because the address of the IP login has always been Nanchang, all family members or colleagues on QQ on QQ have always been Delete all the numbers of friends. Cheng has been in his hometown during this time. After Peng, he called and threatened Cheng Cheng, saying that this was just a warm -up for Cheng, and the good show was still behind. Cheng helplessly took the train alone to go from his hometown to Yichun to talk to him in person. The key in Yichun's house had been taken away and could not enter the house. He had to stay at Yichun Hotel. Cheng Xian went to Yichun to apply for a household registration 2nd generation ID police station to retrieve the new ID card previously processed on August 3. The female staff member of the police station informed that a middle -aged man took a new ID card with a hukou account, but paid less time to pay for the new ID card, so he could not get the time to delay the time. Peng Wei can get Cheng's new ID card. Essence

    This is very scared and A order. Only looking at the Peng unit, I met a male colleague who accompanied Peng to apologize. People can only say to Peng's male colleagues to see Peng, because they are too afraid of Peng, so he invited him to be present. At noon, there were male colleagues and his wife who participated in the previous incident and came to a restaurant to wait. After Peng came with the driver, Cheng originally wanted to ask Jia to be frank and frankly in the incident. Cheng Cheng could not listen to Peng Benben to intensify the weaving lies and distorted facts. It was convenient for Cheng Cheng for a few minutes to leave alone. In fact, there is no need to come to Yichun to talk about it. This is a good trap that Peng has stepped down step by step. As he said after marriage, "I play politics, and you don't know how to die."

    The private life, moral corruption, personality split, often speaking by himself as a leader said that Yi Chun was not uncertain ... follow -up things were naked and public's corruption and darkness of the legal system! Just after 7 am in the morning of October 27, 2011, when Cheng Gang got up, Peng, his friends and Yichun Yuanzhou District Court staff with two courts in Chengxiang Court of Tongxiang Court knocked on the door to enter Cheng. Inside the house. Two small handbags who stayed in Yichunju in Yichunju put down in front of the court staff and said, "All your items are installed in it." Cheng turned to check his own items, and there was no precious jade in his chest. Fashion costumes are not brought, and only some underwear of B in small buns. One of the products purchased by Cheng Tian during the common life did not return.

    The staff of Yuanzhou District Court of Yichun City, Judge Yuan, delivered a subpoena. The content is: Peng sued, and Cheng became the defendant. The court's ruling in the book was frozen in the property preservation of 300,000 in Wenzhou's securities stock assets, and at the same time frozen the 10,700 yuan assets on Yichun Industrial and Commercial Card at the same time. Before, Cheng had never received any notification phone or official letter from Zhejiang Wenzhou Securities or Shanghai Securities Institute. The Yichun Court directly frozen Cheng Wenzhou's property in accordance with the blackmail text of Peng Civil Affairs. The property preservation assets provided by the Yuanzhou District Court of Peng Xiang to Jiangxi Province is only a 190,000 -handed house sale contract as a sale and selling contract.

    This to the Yichun City Court for a reconsideration letter of property preservation application for property preservation, but was rejected by the Yuanzhou District Court of Yichun City.

    (the content is as follows) The applicant ..., female;-born-year-month 1- day, Han nationality, ------ people, address: ... ID number: ... Tel: ...
    The applicant ------ Due to the case of a divorce dispute between the applicant, because your hospital made before the complaint on October 18, 2011 Property preservation, so apply for reconsideration according to law.
    The request: request your hospital to ruin the pre -claim property preservation according to law.
    The facts and reasons: ----- (Peng) divorce and the applicant (Cheng) divorce, your hospital made preservation measures on October 18, 2011, and (Peng) was tied to October 20, 2011 The day's only filed a divorce lawsuit, which is a pre -litigation property preservation. And my property preserved in your hospital, except for 10,700 yuan deposit is my deposit in Yichun, and the remaining 300,000 yuan stocks are my property in Wenzhou. The applicant cannot be lost normally. Article 31 of the Supreme People's Court's opinion on the application of several issues of the Civil Procedure Law of the People's Republic of China stipulates that the pre -litigation property preservation shall be applied to the people's court where the property is located. Your hospital is not the property of my stock, so your hospital has no right to make the property preservation. At the same time, from the perspective of the plaintiff (Peng), its appeal is only 20,000 yuan, so the plaintiff's security should also be limited to 2000,000 yuan. Article 94 of the Civil Procedure Law of the People's Republic of China stipulates that property preservation is limited to the scope of the request, or the property related to this case. However, your hospital has preserved my property of more than 300,000 yuan, which is wrong. (Peng) Only the 190,000 second -hand housing contract guarantee is also a wrong security.
    The people in Yuanzhou District, Yichun City
    applicants (Cheng)

    October 24, 01, Yichun Yuanzhou District Court rejected Chengbao's application for reconsideration

    The staff in Yuanzhou District Court of Yichun City, Jiangxi Province said that it is necessary to be wrong, because Peng finds people to call them the court! Intersection Intersection

    This did not follow the date of the subpoena.

    It did not present any basis for Peng Chen's words to prove that Cheng Cheng was one of the violations of the marriage law. Peng Chenshu was lied to him 160,000 and antiques he bought. During the trial, Peng did not submit any documents to any item, (Cheng You secretly recording as evidence) Peng only emphasized the divorce of Cheng, and asked the court to compensate his money and antiques amount.

    The court statement to the court's statement to the 160,000 opponent to enter his bank account and the real situation. State that you do not have any basis for the establishment of the other party's civil prosecution.

    This was sued by Peng Yi to the current Yichun Yuanzhou District Court to wait for the verdict to judge the result from October 2011 to March 31 (today). Ethology errors have caused more than 100,000 yuan in the amount of losses that can not be traded and directly generated. Life steps are all chaotic and spiritual.

    During the period, Peng continued to use interpersonal relationships to rewriting black!

    In half a year of suffering. Cheng Cai realized why the victims who had the original law -abiding would be forced to become a criminal! The law was used by Peng to use the slogan that he was the leader to become evil to deprive the victim's right to deprive the victims!

    The is a national civil servant, and there is no divorce, but a married person, but dare to publicly register a member on the marriage platform on the Zhenai.com. The previous date of the divorce permit was a copy of May 2011. Please Zhenai.com provides the information about the registration member of the marriage on the Zhenai.com on the Zhenai.com platform and appointment with a female member. The staff of Xiamen Zhenai.com said that the public letter must be required to provide proof information. (No official letter failed to withdraw from Peng's registration of marriage law in 2010 violations of the marriage law and the state that violated the state's regulation of civil servants). Zhenai.com promises not to delete all information about Peng Jun and the appointment with women! Chinese law allows civil servants to play with women?

    The deputy researcher Peng, deputy researcher at the Yuanzhou District Transportation Bureau of Jiangxi Province, can allow the unit to purchase 300,000 cars with a nanny driver. Before 8 o'clock in the morning, the driver came downstairs to start the car and wait for Peng to send him to work. The Deputy Researcher Civil Service of the Yichun Transportation Bureau can enjoy such treatment!

    Peng can use it without permission. The sedan of the holiday and holiday units becomes Peng's private car to Nanchang to recreate. Reimbursement of gasoline and all cost units. Peng owns several hotels and restaurants in Nanchang 4 or 4 stars, which can investigate the consumption record of Peng. Consumption of accommodation every night is 4 stars (you calculate). Peng can reimburse all the invoices in the unit.

    News continued to eat high -end health care (valuables such as Cordyceps sinensis and other precious) finished products. Several high -end health stores in Yichang City have his transaction records. Can be checked. These expensive expenses after marriage are the payment. What are the expensive costs before marriage? Buy?

    Peng said he was law. The law enforcement officers of the Yuanzhou District Court of Yichun, Jiangxi Province clearly knew that the procedure was wrong. The judge said that Peng asked his younger brother and others to let the intermediate courts call them and let them meet Peng's complaint requirements. Take the right to the laws formulated by the state to execute all the property of the preservation frozen process to Peng.

    Mon dare to open up some of the above events in the above. He created the right to use national laws to become his own tools to violate discipline and persecute disadvantaged citizens, or because he has a younger brother who works in the court. Don't worry, or he is really the law, his words are Chinese law?

    It today is a call from the lawyer who hired a lawyer around 17:00 on March 31. Lawyer Yuan informed: "He went to the court today, the court judged the results today. Frozen your property, whether you can't liquidate the losses of more than 100,000, remove the losses of more than 100,000, and according to the existing market value of your securities account 20 20 The total amount of more than 10,000 amounts was judged to Peng. The judge of the court said that the intermediate court suppressed them and let them execute it like this. Because you did not provide the 25 -play permit of the 25 play amount borrowed by the other party, and you did not give Peng for Peng during the joint life of Yichun. The Philippine Court Court does not recognize it, and you will bear all the fees by yourself. "Peng Zai provided only a bank flow voucher with 160,000 funds. The court did not provide the cause of the 250,000 amount voucher borrowed by the other party. The judgment is more than 300,000 yuan in property (the court directly uses the right to indicate that the Shanghai Stock Exchange stops the securities transaction on your account, regardless of your losses. You can directly judge Peng to Peng by more than 300,000 securities. In the Yuanzhou District Court of Yichang City, Jiangxi Province, the woman was divorced under the request of the Peng civil appeal without any fault. In fact, the expenses paid to Peng during the period of Yichun's life. After ignoring the wrong property preservation error, the funds on the Cheng Securities account were more than 300,000 (the court ordered to directly freeze the transaction authority, and Cheng could not directly close the position and directly caused losses to lose money. More than 100,000 yuan, the remaining 200,000 and the money courts on the silver card after the market value of more than 200,000 yuan, but the court of money on the silver card was judged to Peng.

    This is the entire process of implementing the Yuanzhou District Court of Yichun City, Jiangxi! It is ten days to fifteen days.

    Cura does not understand how to protect their legal rights, do not know how to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests, tearful kneeling for help !!! Seeking for help can have true fairness and justice The law comes out to review it clearly!!!

    The report: Peng is a bad law of a national civil servant to play with women and cheat money:
    Two sueds: Law enforcement behavior of Yichun Yuanzhou District Court:
    Three notes: Zhenai.com's marriage platform failed to review the information of Peng Liye. The platform provides the conditions for Peng to play with women in a marriage situation:
    10-15 days still believe that there will be real laws!

    15 days later, the court of Yuanzhou District, Yichang City, used its rights to implement the dark legal judgment to deprive the victim's property and completely destroy the victim's process. Hey! Cheng does not want to be forced to become social criminals from a victim citizen who abides by the law!!!!

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