1 thought on “Which is the largest in Taiyuan Wood Market”

  1. Wanshui market.

    Wood is a renewable resource. The future policy must be strictly controlled the development of forestry resources, scientifically and standardized development of forestry resources, rather than the prohibition of one -size -fits -all. It is an important industry for the wood industry. Whether it is for employment or creation of foreign exchange, it will not say that it will restrict the industry, and it is more to standardize the industry.

    mart market characteristics:
    1. From the perspective of market demand, red, white pine logs of key project construction and special service system, as well as the demand for deciduous pine and board for general infrastructure projects Back, sales are optimistic, prices are higher; precious and wide -leaf materials are still raised in decoration.
    2. From the perspective of wood market, the price of wood generally increased, especially in different forest areas of large -diameter red, white, deciduous pine and camphor pine.
    3. From the perspective of transportation, because the road construction is relatively fast, the railway transportation approval procedures are more, especially the wood processing industry in the Northeast production area has developed rapidly. The trend of inverted proportion of land railway transportation from land to all parts of the country will also develop lightly.

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