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  1. 1. How to choose the express delivery station brand?
    The courier station has two types, which are the collection points and third -party express stations under the express delivery station express delivery. Regardless of whether the brand is well -known, it is recommended to know more third -party platforms in the early stage. Third -party express stations can connect to multiple express delivery, such as Sitong and One Da, more wrapping. It is not recommended to choose some unknown courier stations, because investment is popular, with reputation, and courier stations with markets will be more worry -free.
    . Be careful when choosing a franchise platform
    The franchise courier station. Although the investment is small, the risk is small, and the prospects are good, but if the platform is not selected, it is easy to lose money and end in failure. Now there are a lot of express delivery brands in the industry, and blind choices are easy to suffer. It is recommended that "the goods are more than three", which is relatively pros and cons. In this way, it is a mature model to ensure franchise. In the later period, problems can be obtained from the headquarters.
    It back to the big tree, you can get cold. After the platform is selected, entrepreneurs need to be cautiously connected to express delivery. With high -quality platforms as support, it is easier to talk to courier cooperation. Courier is convincing to strengthen service quality on the basis of relying on high -quality platforms. It is more convenient for courier to introduce courier and carry out courier -related business business.
    . The advantages of Kuaibao Station

    The cost: Most third -party express delivery station should charge franchise fees or margin, but our Kuaibao Station, full process 0 franchise fee 0 platform usage 0 guarantee (Except for Beijing and Shanghai), the cost is lower, download the app to use it.
    The brand: Kuaibao Station is a domestic express package with a highly influential courier package collection third -party service platform. With 10 sets of courier terminal service systems, 8 commercial monetization models.
    If off supervision: Third -party express delivery stations such as Cainiao Station, the supervision is more stringent. The decoration, house cards, and equipment of the store must follow the company's regulations. , Do not interfere with decoration, etc.
    It look at the function: The APP function of the Kuaibao Station Station is powerful, and the function of multiple entry functions can easily end the Estiments. Various hardware equipment such as database instruments, bay guns, and intelligent functions such as the cloud preservation bottom orders and one -click appointment collection, covering the daily work scenarios of the station.
    The customer service team is well -known in the customer service team, 7*16 hours a full -year service. If you have any questions, you only need to join our customer service WeChat group and consult the related issues directly in the group. Kuaibao customer service basically does Answer to a second.
    . How to open the courier collection point
    Step: Prepare the store -docking business -buy materials -choose the appropriate management system
    . Stores, stores Site selection
    The most important thing is to see the passenger flow, about parcel volume, and whether there are three major points of peers. Choose a good location. Don't be too remote. Thousands of dollars can be done (if it is a rural house, the rent is cheaper), and then decorate it slightly, clean and tidy.

    . The business
    The station needs to cooperate with the courier to obtain the supply. After determining the position of the station, you can contact the courier responsible for this area (you can click [View Logistics] from the mobile phone purchase record to find the information of the local association), discuss with him to put the piece on your post, and then look at your post, and then look at your post, and then look at your post, and then look at your post, and then look at your post, and then look at your post, and then look at your post, and then look at your post, and then look at your post, and then look at your post, and then look at your post, and then look at your post, and then look at your post, and then look at your post, and then look at your post, and then look at your post, and then look at your post, and then look at your post, and then look at your post, and then look at your post, and then look at your post, and then look at your post, and then look at your post, and then look at your post, and then go towards your post. He charges a certain amount of fees. Because the delivery of the courier's delivery is sometimes required, if there are no other stations around, the courier is usually happy to cooperate with you. Generally speaking, courier pays attention to the stability and service capabilities of the station. When talking about cooperation, they must show their sincerity.

    If it is a rural station, you need to discuss with the county -level outlets, and determine whether the courier is sent to your station or drove to the outlet by yourself. After talking, sign a contract with the outlet.

    . Material preparations
    In a post a station requires a shelf, computer, printer, bastard gun, small cart, monitoring, fire extinguisher and other equipment. At the same time Wait for consumption, if you need to pull the goods yourself, you need a truck.

    . Choose the management system
    This as a post station, select the inventory management system is the core, and select a good system, which not only greatly improves office efficiency, reduces labor costs, but also reduces fines! When choosing, you need to compare the requirements of the major systems. For example, whether you need to margin, you have to have requirements for the house, equipment, and decoration. It is best to choose a system that does not require franchise fees, margins, and powerful functions to cope with various business scenarios.

  2. I. Comparison platform

    not all express delivery points can be joined in towns and villages. Some express delivery platforms have a high threshold and strict assessment mechanism, which is not suitable for townships. Therefore, it is recommended that you compare several express delivery platforms and choose a platform that suits you. It is difficult for Cainiao to apply for a township and towns.
    . Understanding the volume of courier business
    Because it is in the township, how the village population density, how much the express delivery business can be reached, or whether there are other express delivery points nearby, etc., are all inspected in advance. If there are no stations around, the number of courier packages is not very clear. It is recommended to go to many courier outlets such as Sitong and One Dada for understanding. You can also go to the township express delivery station next door to consult the parcel to learn about it.
    . Determine the cooperation mode
    It to go to the market to examine how the surrounding sites cooperate with the courier company. To negotiate with the courier company, how to operate it, do you need to pull the goods yourself or send the courier by the outlet. Village and towns are inconvenient to understand the cooperation methods.
    . Do your best to choose
    The rent of towns and villages is cheaper, your house can be used as a collection point. If your own location is not good, you can also consider renting other villagers who work in foreign workers. Pay attention to installing monitoring. , Ensure the safety of parcels.
    5. Selecting a professional system
    The platform is very important. The system is easy to use. It directly determines your work efficiency, so you must choose a professional express delivery system.
    6. Extension of the business model
    The last thing you want to say is the cake shop you mentioned.
    It is recommended to expand the profit space in combination with the business model. You can choose to open a small supermarket, cake shop, fruit shop, etc. at the same time. You can also provide convenient services such as printing and copying to facilitate later traffic monetization.

  3. Those four agents are proxy, and you can not help with him. If you do n’t, you can go to the official website of that courier to see the cooperation joining

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