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  1. Lighting, the eyes of the home, if there are no lamps in the family, just like people have no eyes, and families without eyes can only live in the dark, so the light of the lamp in the family is crucial. The following is the lighting entrepreneurial plan for everyone, for your reference, welcome to read!

    The lighting entrepreneurial plan book 1 (1) Company brief description
    Lighting (lighting) franchise store
    team name: Qisheng team member: Zou XX house xx Song xx postal code: 11xxxx
    Email: xxxxxxx@qq
    Date: 20xx year x month x day
    for objects: Liaoyang and cities in Liaoyang and Liaoning Province, high -end lighting retail and wholesale n development history of development: Our team founded the first Taobao store at the end of 2010, specializing in online marketing , Now I have three diamonds (the name of the store: Di Gold Lighting Lighting).
    Future goals: It is expected to open the first physical store within two years and open branches within five years.
    The advantage: There are two years of Taobao store opening experience. All members have mastered PS, 3D design software, and have a certain understanding of lighting sales. After starting the funds, it carries out physical sales and online marketing. And two team members have the experience of being a sender in KFC, familiar with various communities and terrain, and are very convenient to carry out on -site services in the same city.
    : In surprisingly wins, Qi Sheng team, the flag opened.
    (2) Product service
    The products are mainly divided into two categories:
    1. Interior lighting:
    Outdoor lighting;
    LED landscape lighting, LED commercial lighting, lighting engineering, street lights, etc.
    The purchase channels: Zhongshan ancient town with the reputation of Chinese lamps is our purchase channel. The supplier of the store, full variety, good quality, low price.
    Is product sales at this stage: Today's marketing method provides us with product pictures and factory prices for Zhongshan manufacturers. The team personnel are edited and beautified to Taobao stores. After the guests place the order Ship in the hands of the guests. Or if we order the customers in the same city, we place an order and pick it up directly to the guests.
    Sales objects: Our main sales targets are hotel decoration, personal decoration and large -scale engineering decoration, retail and wholesale of public facility lighting
    (3) Industry market
    1. Industry analysis
    In recent years, with the rapid development of the national economy, especially in the real estate industry, the rapid development of the national lantern lighting industry has become one of the emerging industries of decoration. There are four large lanterns in the concentrated place of lighting around the world, and the Chinese market has a seat. Chinese lanterns are located in the old Town of the old Ruruya of Sun Yat -sen. Other mature industries such as home appliances and furniture have production and sales bases in each province in China. Only the light decoration industry has a base that integrates R

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