Can the SQE of the automotive industry do not understand TS16949? What are the quality of quality?

3 thoughts on “Can the SQE of the automotive industry do not understand TS16949? What are the quality of quality?”

  1. The system is a tool. The process guarantees that you will not miss what you want to do. The process is relatively rigorous. There will be no logical errors according to the process. This is the characteristic of all Western processes. But technology is still important. It is recommended that you see books in the system, car structure, principles, car design, automobile testing, new energy vehicles and other books.

    The third edition of the steam structure is too old. Now it is out of the fifth edition. The car theory is also the fifth edition. It is a new version.
    Learn it very comprehensive. After all, the car has been updated for so many years, many electronic appliances have been widely used, and the structure has also made a lot of changes. Therefore, the optical car structure is not good, and the knowledge points are too old. It is best to read some books such as automotive electronic control as auxiliary knowledge expansion. Auto theory is very helpful for the theoretical analysis of cars. The content of the book is also very good. It is not difficult to learn from the next time. Many schools with better automotive majors are required by the postgraduate entrance examination. Hope it helps you.

  2. SQE positions are recommended to do it. First of all, you must understand the internal and upstream to better control the supplier quality control. You don’t know what your customers want. How do you ask your supplier how to do it? Intersection SQE is not only solving the quality of suppliers. From the beginning of the previous supplier's APQP of the development of new products, until the final batch of production, it must be done. If your company still has special requirements or systems, SQE is also responsible for cultivating suppliers and responsible for counseling.

  3. If you do n’t understand, you can learn
    The TS courses will be available next month in Shenzhen Zhitian. Welcome to participate
    The system segmentation of the quality system, but the main thing is the quality management system n requires system information, you can go to the China Advisor Forum to download

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