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  1. What kind of sales to do in Shenzhen is relatively easy to make money?
    As the level of living improves, the shopping method is becoming more and more diverse. Large shopping malls such as RT -Mart and Wal -Mart have provided great convenience for people's lives. However, the relevant survey data shows that compared with large shopping malls, young people may depend on convenience stores. It may be able to patronize convenience stores several times a day, but it does not go to large supermarkets all year. It is not difficult to find that the chain convenience store industry has gradually become the mainstream of the retail format, and it is more advantageous and the market prospects are more broad.

    . Shopping is more convenient

    The purchasing power, competitive status, traffic conditions, parking lot distribution, land price, etc. These are important factors for large shopping malls. Malls are generally located in the main commercial centers of the city. For people with relatively remote residence, it takes a lot of time shopping. Therefore, if it is not a planned large -scale purchase, consumers will not choose such places.

    but a small supermarket in chain convenience stores just make up for this. First, it is closer to consumers from the distance, and it is more distributed around the living circle and the work circle; the second is that the goods are more prominent in instant consumption. Small stores, many outlets, close to customers, can be enough to consume customers' instant consumption, so that customers can find the required goods in the shortest time to avoid checkout and queue. According to statistics, the average of three minutes from entering convenience stores to the end of the payment is only three minutes, which improves the convenience of shopping and allows more people to rely on it.

    . The business hours are more advantageous

    It as well as well known that large shopping malls are generally fixed, usually about 9 am to about 10 shops in the morning. But with the abundance of the nightlife of the city, people's demand for shopping at night is getting higher and higher. Most of the small supermarkets of chain convenience stores are open for 24 hours. If people urgently need some kinds of goods late at night, they can also buy it immediately downstairs. Therefore, in terms of time convenience, convenience stores have attracted more nights and enhanced customers. Sticky.

    . Convenience store goods can increase customer adhesion

    The products displayed on large supermarket shelves are very rich, which can meet most of the needs of customers, so many people will know Organize a shopping list according to needs and go to the mall to purchase at one time, so the customer's adhesion is not very high.

    The convenience store small supermarket shelves are displayed on various consumer products, such as snacks, daily necessities, beverages, fruits, tobacco and alcohol. These are fast consumer products to meet people's real -time needs. Therefore, compared to large supermarkets, the customer's customers have a higher degree of adhesion.

    It this can be seen that the shopping of small supermarkets in chain convenience stores is more convenient, business hours are more advantageous, and customer adhesion is higher, so its market prospects are also broader. It is precisely because of the development trend of the constant heating of convenience stores that more and more individual bosses choose to open one or even multiple convenience stores.

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