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  1. Whether it is a composite color tile manufacturer, cement color tile manufacturers, red color tiles, Lancaiwa manufacturers, color bricks, color bricks, and colored tile factory must have certain conditions in the early stage.
    2, the investment is appropriate, turn off the scale
    (1) Facing the reality, seeking truth from facts, doing force
    The scale of investing in brick and tile projects, and the grade must meet the national conditions. my country is still a developing country in today and in the future. The development of the East and the West is extremely unbalanced. The second is to implement sustainable development strategies and strengthen ecological construction and environmental protection. It will always be a basic national policy in my country. A series of superior policies provide a very broad market space for the development of new wall materials, and gradually require vigorously developing and promoting the application of new wall materials to form emerging industries that are adapted to sustainable development. Third, the acceleration of urban modernization and the pace of township construction requires more new wall materials, which also provides rare development opportunities for the development of my country's brick and tile industry. Fourth, we must see that my country's sintering product structure is still unreasonable. The pattern of solid clay bricks has not fundamentally changed. The proportion still accounts for more than 68%of the total amount of wall materials. The country is lagging for nearly 20 years, so the promotion of energy -saving building tasks is very difficult.
    (2) Meet the demand of the real market
    The construction of emerging wall materials based on the development of the real market. The demand and quality of quantity must be taken into account, especially the grasp of quality is more important. We cannot meet the market because of the accommodation of the market, simplify craftsmanship, and reduce investment, and produce backward energy -consuming products. State policies are not allowed, and the long -term development of enterprises is also very unfavorable. Energy -saving transition products, such as porous clay bricks, fill the market until they completely replace backward products.
    (3) Has market development potential
    The real policy of countries requires investors to visually visual. Combined with domestic policies, international developments, and local conditions to build a new type of wall material enterprise with suitable development space, but The larger the larger scale, the better, the products produced must adapt to the local economic conditions and construction systems. Even sufficient funds should be market -oriented, highlighting the focus. Whether it is introduced or domestically produced, we must conduct in -depth research and comprehensive analysis. Only when investment is appropriate and the scale is closed, so as to effectively reduce the comprehensive cost, reduce the burden for enterprises to enter the healthy development, and lay a solid foundation. Image projects, political performance projects, and a lot of prevention must strengthen prevention.
    3. Select the specifications and take good crafts
    The investors should follow the standardization path from the beginning of the coloring machine market to be targeted. The design, kiln, equipment, and electrical appliances must be standardized. There are purpose, direction, planning, and less detours to avoid being misleading; there are comparisons, competition to ensure the production line process, work, scientific and reasonable, and applicable, so that funds can be maximized, and the goals with appropriate scale can be achieved. The key to choosing a specification is to require investors to do a good job of market survey, enhance the identification, master the initiative, and let the vicious competition have no opportunity. Make sure to meet the standards.
    4, the service is reliable, take the good after -sales level
    We talk about improving service levels and service quality. The significance is far better than the product itself. It is worthy of relying on the high -quality service. First, investors should pay attention to the training of the staff of the enterprise, so that they can master the special nature, process, and equipment of the industry as soon as possible to meet the needs of production operations quickly. The second is to do a good job of assessing the cooperation unit. Whether the cooperative unit can be reliable depends on the following points: [1] whether there is a standardized service system; [2] The quality of the service team; [3] Whether the service personnel have a high sense of responsibility; [4] service process Whether there is a strict assessment system; whether the supply of the accessories is sufficient and timely; [6] On -site instructors have been active and well -trained. With a reliable service partner, the normal stability of the production line can be guaranteed.
    5. Management is rigorous. Take good production
    The new brick -and -tile enterprises must rely on strengthening management, reasonably configure existing equipment, and use the best performance of each device as much as possible to reduce costs. The core of rigorous management is to control costs and gain maximum economic benefits. This must be reasonably organized and accurate, so that people, wealth, and things can maximize potential, ensure stable production of production, and ensure stable product quality.
    (1) Improve the system
    The new brick and tile factory must first consider and improve various management systems, related to the normal operation of production. mutual improvement. [1] In conjunction with the on -site experience inspected, contact the company's own actual situation, formulate scientific operating specifications, safety operations and maintenance of equipment, reasonable baking systems, molding systems, inspection standards for raw materials, products of products, etc. [2] Everyone discusses extensively adopting rationalized suggestions to present the decision -making suggestions to ensure that the various systems formulated are extensive and authoritative; [3] Compare the actual combination points, and then supplement the practice to form a distinctive corporate culture. The long -term stable development of the enterprise lays the foundation.
    (2) The division of labor is meticulous, the goal is clear, the responsibility is in place
    starts from the broken raw material, the cost is controlled, the task is detailed to the workshop, the indicators are hardening to the team, and the project quantifies it. , Ten thousand wetlin molding costs, the cost of firing of 10,000 finished products must have indicators and control; [2] accessories need to be planned with planned reserves. It not only guarantees the normal needs of production, but also avoids a large amount of funds.
    (3) Strict assessment
    The implementation of "assessment of the day, monthly prize and monthly penalty" for workshops, teams, and individuals to form an effective incentive mechanism. Strict implementation according to the responsibility and quantitative indicators of division of labor, the rewards and punishments are clearly implemented, and a good corporate cultural atmosphere is formed. Only by strict assessment can the control of production costs truly realized, otherwise, it can only be empty.
    6, consolidate the market, close the good efficiency
    according to the needs of the colorful machine market, determine the product positioning, it is a leading product, maintaining price advantages, and leading the market -oriented. The market space creates a stable platform for the healthy development of the enterprise. In addition, the salesperson set the indicators and incentive policies to work hard to develop market space. With a solid market foundation, the development of enterprises is naturally full of vitality.
    7. Conclusion A new brick and tile factory can make appropriate investment, choose standards, reliable services, rigorous management, and consolidate the market. It will definitely be able to occupy the market with high -quality products and enrich themselves with efficient returns. It will definitely be able to enter benign development and make its own greater contribution to the development of my country's new wall material industry.

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