How to care for the daily life of the eyebrows? Reading in Jiangmen, I don't know where to go to acne?

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  1. 1. Daily care
    This to wash your face once to twice a day, clean the skin, and avoid squeezing or scratching skin lesions with your hands. Do not use oil, powder cosmetics and ointment and cream containing glucocorticoids.
    2. Common methods of acne therapy
    (1) Local external drug Vitamin A acid (vitamin A sterilized cream, Adapolin gel, other Zarotine gel), oxidation benzozohol , Antibiotics (clinithromycin, erythromycin, chloramphenicol, etc.), diexic acid, sulfur washing agent, etc.
    (2) Oral antibiotics prefer tetracycline (Mino cycloin, Doxinin, etc.), followed by macosacide (erythromycin), to avoid choosing antibiotics that are commonly used for system infection such as levofloxacin Essence Antibiotic treatment is usually 6-12 weeks.
    (3) Oral vitamin A acid is the standard therapy for oral acne. Oral vitamin A acid is the most effective method for treating acne. The course of treatment is to achieve a minimum cumulative dose of 60mg/kg.
    (4) Antious androgen therapy, such as oral contraceptive pill compound acetic acid ring propactical tablets, is suitable for women with severe acne, accompanied by high levels ofrogens (such as hairy, sebum overflow, etc.) or more or more Cycum ovary syndrome. Female patients with significantly aggravating acne and acne before menstruation can also consider applying oral contraceptives.
    (5) Oral glucocorticoids are mainly used for outbreaks or aggregate acne, and follow the principles of short -term, small dose, and other methods.
    (6) For patients who cannot tolerate or are unwilling to receive drug treatment, physical therapy can also be considered, such as photosotherapy (PDT), fruit acid therapy, laser therapy, etc.
    3. Classification of acne
    (1) Level 1 generally uses local treatment, and the first choice for external A acid preparations.
    (2) Grade 2 combined with vitamin A acid and peroxide or antibiotics, and combined with oral antibiotics if necessary.
    (3) Level 3 often requires combined treatment. Oral antibiotics combined with exterior oxidation benzohide and/or vitamin A acid drugs are the first choice. Patients with indications can also consider anti -androgen treatment.
    (4) Level 4 Oral vitamin A acid is the most effective treatment method, which can be used as first -line treatment. For those with inflammatory pimples and pustules, you can also systematically apply antibiotics combined with exterior oxidation benzozohol. After the skin damage is significantly improved, it will be treated with oral vitamin A.
    4. The maintenance of acne
    No matter what kind of treatment method is adopted, the treatment should be continued after the skin loss is obviously faded. Can be combined with peroxybenzol.

  2. The part of acne has no clear relationship with the internal organs of the body. Medicine shows that the sebaceous glands on the forehead are more developed, so the chance of acne is relatively high.
    The answering in detail

    acne is also called acne in medicine. Acne is due to the excessive secretion of sebum and cells Keoid blocking pores, caused by bacteria in the hair follicles. There are many reasons for acne, such as weather factors, dietary habits, schedules, and of course their own genetic factors, such as their own skin type, if it is oily skin, it is more likely to infect acne. The following is not particularly severe acne muscle. It is recommended to pay attention to the following points. If it is serious, try to go to a regular dermatologist for treatment.
    Suled a few more useful drugs:
    Ada Palin gel-first-line drugs for acne, you are pimples, you can try it. When you use it, you must have a small amount. Do not apply too much, otherwise it will cause the skin to become red and dry or even pain.
    It you can follow your skin condition. If you feel irritating after applying it, it is recommended to wash it off. In the future, you can only apply for 5 minutes on the skin each time, and gradually use the tolerance of the skin. Effective people may not be alleviated the previous month, but they are aggravated. Therefore, we must wait patiently
    n erythromycin cream
    is antibiotics. You can use it but do not use
    This may be related to hormone levels and your factor habits:
    Usually pay attention not to eat too much sweets
    Nowadays, the medical field has clearly stated that eating too much sugar has acne. Whether you drink cola, milk tea or cake, desserts, etc. are high in sugar. If you worry about acne, stay away from them. Even the staple food you eat should not have too many fine grains (steamed buns, white bread), and try to match it as thick as possible. If you insist on eating less sugar, then your acne improves one level.
    I don't know if you love to drink milk, now the medical community has shown. People who often consume milk are 44%higher than ordinary people. If you often have acne and have the habit of drinking milk, then you must pay attention. In addition, you can replace milk through yogurt, so that you will not aggravate acne, but also add nutrients like milk.
    This journey is too fatigue
    Staying up late will reduce your body's immunity, and it will be more likely to infect acne. So it is important to sleep well for skin repair.
    Puled sunscreen:
    Thisy skin is suitable for physical sunscreen. Choose one that does not stuffy acne and will not be allergic.
    Eating more fish:
    S especially deep -sea fish, which is rich in unsaturated fatty acids and has anti -inflammatory effects. So eat more.
    It the first time there are some common foods are good for acne skin:
    The carrot, tomato, spinach, western blue flower, strawberry, soybean, blueberry, etc. Note:
    Try not to touch your face, otherwise bacteria to aggravate acne
    do not squeeze with your hands to avoid leaving acne marks and scars. Eliminate,
    In some drugs or cosmeceuticals, the effect will be better: for example, Xixi Liao Fu, Xiliao Pharma, Clampoors, etc. You can search online. In fact, the methods of treating acne are all Almost, as long as you go to a regular large hospital, there is no problem

  3. Life is healthy, regulate your diet, and slowly eliminate acne.
    If attention
    1. Go to bed early and get up early, and ensure full sleep. Keep the affected area clean. Do not abuse cosmetics and drugs.
    2. Do not eat spicy and irritating food. Eat more fresh vegetables and fruits. Drink more water.
    Wen from living
    1. No oily cosmetics, such as sunscreen containing high oil.
    2. If the minister has acne and stop using fluoride toothpaste.
    3. Do not eat seafood, mango and supplements for the time being for the growth of acne.
    4. Avoid using a cleansing product with soap -based ingredients, so as not to destroy the skin's acid protection film, make the skin lose resistance, and more easily cause bacterial infections and cause sensitive acne.
    daily cleaning
    1. Persist in using facial washing soaps or cleansing agents for acne skin. The ingredients of soapy and alcohol do not cause irritation to acne.
    2. Do not over-clean the skin. Because excessive cleaning stimulates cells to secrete more oil and form a vicious circle.
    3. Makeup removal and cleansing must be carried out separately, because only oil -containing makeup remover can completely remove cosmetics with oily.
    4. Wash your face with a dedicated sponge to make the greasy skin refreshing. Get the cleansing solution out of the foam on the palm of the palm, and then increase the foam with a sponge; brush the sponge from the neck, mouth around the mouth, chin, cheeks, nose bridge, etc., and finally flush the foam with warm water, and then pat your face with cold water.

  4. Acne for eyebrows is generally due to strong facial sebaceous gland secretion or acne propionate infection; another is caused by often staying up late, getting angry, or eating some spicy and irritating foods. You can find a facial diagnosis. According to the doctor's order appropriate oral drug or different dimension A capsule, apply clinithromycin gel with external use, usually drink more warm water, pay attention to the regular work, do not overwork, do not eat spicy and irritating food, eat less sweets and less sweets and less Granny food, as well as pure milk.

    will acne nodules fade yourself

    acne is a common type of hair follicle sebum adrenal chronic inflammatory disease in dermatology. , It can also affect the trunk, such as the back, front chest and scapula, characteristic characteristics of pimples, acne, pustules, cysts, nodules, and scars. It is often accompanied by sebum overflow. "acne". Generally, acne is related to adolescence. When teenagers are mature, they will disappear at the age of 25, and some of them will leave scars that affect their beauty. There are also a small number of adults who have acne, but most of the acne will have a good effect after regular treatment.

    This is the best treatment for acne

    The treatment of acne is generally based on its degree. For example, mild acne is mainly pimples, pustules, and can be used for external antibacterials. Drugs, such as peroxylzyl and vitamin A ointment, Adapin gel. If it is moderate pimples, pustules, pustules, and vitamin A -acid drugs can also be used, and oral antibiotic antibiotics can also be used. Generally, the first choice is beauty. If it is severe acne, nodules, and cysts are mainly acne, in addition to oral antibiotic oxybenzollidol with vitamin A -acid drugs, they can also take different vitamin A acid drugs. Drugs are best used under the guidance of different -dimensional A acid drugs, because this drug requires regular monitoring of liver function, blood sugar, and blood lipids, and women in the childbearing age cannot be used.

  5. Acne, acne, and acne are commonly referred to as acne in medicine. It is a common chronic sebaceous glands. The cause is that during adolescence, the hormones in the body will stimulate the hair and the sebaceous glands secrete strong, causing pores acne. The micro acne is invisible. A long period of a micro acne from forming to the surface of the skin takes 7 to 9 months. The pores are used to induce inflammation, which is the root source of pimples, pustules, nodules and cysts.
    The acne is called acne in medicine, also known as acne, acne, facial blisters, etc., which is an inflammation of chronic hair follicle sebaceous glands. Acne mostly occurs in adolescence (around 16 to 30 years old). Most of them heal after puberty. The incidence of men is higher than women, and more than winter in summer. A good part is a rich skin with facial, upper chest and back sebaceous glands.
    But the following factor leads to the formation of acne:
    1, excessive male hormone secretion in the body, high sebaceous gland hypertrophy, excessive excretion of sebum secretion, and accumulated in the hair follicles to form fat embolism. Over time, bacterial infections cause inflammatory reactions around the sebaceous glands of hair follicles, forming pimples or pustules, that is, acne.
    2. This disease is related to heredity and generally has family history.
    3, endocrine disorders, indigestion, nervous system disorders. The intake of high -fat, high -sugar foods and spicy foods are the causes of them.
    4, there are other diseases, which causes toxins in the body to be unable to discharge and cause acne. The most common is constipation.
    5, not timely or improper skin cleaning care. For example, excessive cleaning the skin causes the skin to lose the weak acid protection of the natural sebum film and causes bacteria to grow acne. The non -regular exfoliation causes the stratum corneum to accumulate thickness, block the pores, and cause bacterial infections.
    In general, acne caused by external causes is easier to cure. As long as you pay attention to cleaning the skin correctly, and the right medicine with the right medicine, Chinese medicine containing anti -acne composition can generally be cured. In the internal cause, acne caused by excessive sebum secretion due to the vigorous secretion of male hormones, such as in adolescence and before and after women's menstrual period, even if it is a normal physiological phenomenon, you do not need to ask for medical medicine. Skin care products that regulate oil ingredients can be largely relieved and treated with the condition. If the skin is cleaned and nor is it right, it is not the reason for the vigorous secretion of oil, but the acne is still repeatedly occurred, and it is necessary to consider whether the body is ill.
    This, diet is the most important link.
    1. Yogurt is a good food that prevents acne and acne deterioration, because the lactic acid bacteria unique to yogurt can regulate gastrointestinal function, promote colorectal motility, and solve the problem of constipation.
    2, vegetables and fruits and other foods
    N zinc and vitamin B6 can effectively inhibit sebum secretion and reduce acne production, while apples, green onions, eggs, enoki mushrooms, etc. are more zinc. Rich foods include egg yolk, bananas, beans, cabbage, etc.
    If vegetables and fruits are rich in various vitamins, and vitamin A is an important element to prevent stagnation from stagnation. It can promote continuous hyperplasia of epithelial cells, regulate skin sweat glands, reduce acid metabolism to the erosion of the epidermis, and play effective control. Acne deterioration.
    In fruits, oranges are a kind of fruit containing more vitamin A.
    In vegetables, cabbage, enoki mushrooms, amaranth, spinach, etc. also have richer vitamin A.
    3, drink plenty of water
    drink plenty of water and eat more vegetables, accelerate the body's metabolism, and promote the ability of cell detoxification.

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