5 thoughts on “What kind of cat can grab the mouse best?”

  1. Wild cats have basically lost their ability to catch mice because their current cats have basically lost their mouse. Even some cats are afraid of mice. Because the wild cat does not have a lot of support, he can only support himself, and basically maintains the characteristics of this species.

  2. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, the cats that catch mice include Chinese pastoral cats, American short -haired cats, British short -haired cats, etc. These cats will catch mice and have the nature of hunting in their bodies. The cat who grabbed the mouse must bring the female cat himself, at least it takes a long time with the female cat, so that its mother can teach it to the mouse's ability.nCan I ask the British short hair cat?nBritish short -haired cats can also catch mice [whale food]nThe answer is fine, but the training is mainly pets now, so it has degradednMore 2nBleak

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