5 thoughts on “The cat is gone, will you still come back?”

  1. The cat goes away. One is that the kitten runs away from home, and the other is that the kitten is lost unconsciously.
    1, the kitten runs away from home, indicating that he has a strong willingness to leave. Maybe I think you are not good at it, or have too little time to accompany it. In this case, it is difficult for kittens to return. Because it has decided to leave you.
    2, the kitten was lost unconsciously, maybe just because of curiosity, slipped out when the occasional door or window was not closed. If you often take it around the residence, the kitten is more familiar with the surrounding environment, and it will still come back. If not, it may be that it is lost when it runs. At this time you need to send leaflets, ask people to find, or find monitoring.
    Is you can find a kitten.

  2. I don't think I will come back again. At that time, someone came to our house, and the door was not closed. No one noticed. The cat slipped out. It didn't take long to find that the cat was gone. It's useless to find it, I think the cat can't find it, but there are some cats who can find it back

  3. The possibility of cats after being lost from home is not high, so we generally think that cats are not as good as dogs.

    The is mainly because cats are not often taken out by the owner like dogs. They are basically locked at home. It is not clear about the outside environment. Sometimes after losing Essence Compared with cats, the survivability in the wild is stronger than dogs. In the current cement forest, cats are easier to adapt to changes outside than dogs. When it slowly adapts to the outside environment, it does not want to come back.

  4. Some cats will come back. Like my cat for a day, I ran to the rear window of our house and meowed at that meow
    The I hope my answer can help you. If my answer is satisfied, please give it, please give it, please give it to you Posted, thank you

  5. Some cats will come back when they leave, he may find friends or estrus. So you don't have to worry, you should come back, he will definitely come back.

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