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  1. The cause of cat vomiting is the following points:
    First, bacterial gastroenteritis, parasitic gastroenteritis, fungal gastroenteritis, allergic gastroenteritis, viral gastroenteritis, intestine, intestine, intestine, intestinal, intestinal Obstructs, foreign body gastroenteritis, giant colonia, etc., can cause cat vomiting symptoms.
    The second, for some middle -aged and elderly cats, because of irregular diet or stimulus stimulation for a long time, it will also cause cats to vomit.
    Third, internal diseases such as liver disease, kidney disease, and pancreatitis can also cause cat vomiting symptoms.
    Fourth, when a cat causes brain vibration, fracture, and internal bleeding due to trauma, vomiting symptoms also occur.
    Fifth, if the cat eats some messy things, it will cause vomiting when it causes some neurological symptoms. If a cat takes mouse medicine or other poisons that can cause nerve paralysis, it will appear vomiting.
    Sixth, the owner's home has some flowers and plants, which may cause some sensitive cats to have allergic gastroenteritis, and then vomiting symptoms.
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  2. There are many causes of cat vomiting, and cat vomiting is a very common symptom and phenomenon.
    This phenomenon of vomiting is generally stimulated by gastric mucosa, causing gastric contraction reverse movement, accompanied by sputum openness and shrinkage of esophageal movement. Cat vomiting indicates that the cat's stomach is destroyed, and the cat's body has a protective reflex function. At this time, it will make activities to eliminate the irritating objects in the stomach, so that the cat will vomit. However, not all vomiting is pathological, and sometimes cat vomiting may be due to physiological reasons.
    The cause of cat vomiting may also be that cats have vomiting hair balls, because cats have habit of licking hair, so they often eat the hair into their stomach. These cat hair has been accumulated in the cat's stomach. Digestion, eventually forming a bunch of hair balls in the cat's belly. When the hair ball reaches a certain size, it stimulates the cat's gastric mucosa, which causes the cat to vomit. This usually vomiting is a reasonable vomiting phenomenon in cat's life. In addition, if the cat vomit is because eating too fast, or eating too much, or because of eating too much green grass, such as foods such as vegetables The phenomenon of vomiting is the so -called physiological vomiting. Generally, the physiological vomiting should be fine after the cat vomits.
    The causes of cat vomiting are many, so when a cat vomits, the owner should be able to distinguish whether physiological vomiting or pathological vomiting. If the cat has nothing to do after vomiting 1 or 2 times, no other abnormal behavior is found, and no vomiting behavior occurs in the later eating, indicating that the cat's vomiting is physiological vomiting. However, if the cat's vomiting behavior occurs frequently, and the duration is getting longer and longer, there is even a loss of appetite. This vomiting can determine that pathological vomiting can be determined. This vomiting often shows: insufficient energy, rising body temperature, and rising body temperature. In this case, the owner must pay attention to it, it is best to consult veterinaryists immediately to prevent the cat from getting worse.
    In fact, pet cats are like children. When they are uncomfortable, they will become very abnormal, but they cannot tell the owner that they are sick, because they do not know what the reason for their discomfort is. Therefore, the owner must pay attention to observing them when communicating with pet cats, so that the owner can find it in time when they have abnormal behaviors. In short, in order to ensure the health of cats, pay attention to the daily life and diet of cats. Try to reduce the possibility of cats' illness is the best care for cats.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer 1. Physiological vomiting! In general, cats naturally will not vomit suddenly, but when encountering something, some cats will actually have physiological vomiting. For example: like shovel officers picked up the sprilled sound and pop -up dandruff, the dandruff pops up dandruff. In the case, some cats vomit, some cats smell durian, stinky tofu and other foods with odor. This is actually the physiological reaction of the cat after being stimulated, but there are not many cats like the above -mentioned reactions in the large bases. Essence It's like barley grass. When it is swallowed, its fluff may stimulate the cat's horizontal muscle to cause vomiting, or cat -grass plants such as cat mint and wooden tadpoles, which may cause cats to be physiological. Vomit. 2. Pathological vomiting! Although physiological vomiting is not good for the cat's body, but compared to pathological vomiting, then we rather a cat is physiological, because pathological vomiting often represents a cat's disease! Digestive: When a cat takes the deterioration food or the food that is difficult to digest, the cat will spit out these foods as much as possible, because the cat's intestines are short and the best way to deal with food that cannot be digested One is vomiting! Food allergies: Some cats are more sensitive. If they change food, eating some cold foods may cause allergies. Allergies are generally mild. Multiple vomiting will occur in a week. There are diarrhea. Swallowing foreign body: Cats are born with strong curiosity. If you suddenly encounter some small objects, whether you can eat or delicious, the cat will try to try it. In this case, cats' appetite often becomes very poor. Even if you do n’t eat or drink, you will show drowsiness. Symptoms of water or yellow water will spit out the symptoms of water or yellow water. If you swallow sharp objects, then vomiting may contain blood wire. Food poisoning: For the shoveling officer who likes green plants, cats are very common due to poisoning. For example, these plants are planted in the home: rhododendron, peels, lily flowers, Wanniqing, charming guests, often Spring vines, narcissus flowers, jasmine, glory, tulip, peony, etc., and symptoms will show dyspnea, vomiting, nausea, blood pressure, etc. Liver and kidney problem: When a cat enters the old age, it is very likely to have liver and kidney problems. If a cat does not have bad things or spit hair balls, it is necessary to see if it is because of the internal organs, such as liver disease or kidney Diseases, once the body is accumulated too much, the liver and kidney will have a pathological response. Once the burden is exceeded, the cat will cause nausea and vomiting. In this case, the cat does not like to eat or move. Drink water to drink water. There will be abnormal urination and urination. If the treatment is not timely, the cat will be in danger of life! Parasitic problem: When the parasitic in the cat's body is excessive, it will cause the cat to pull and vomit, verynThis should be a food that is not suitablenWhat should I do if I ask?nAnswer you can feed some probiotics to condition, don't eat any more, drink more warm waternQuestion that vomiting food has nothing to do with spitting balls, is it?nAnswer that is a hair ball, which manifests vomiting, but it will always retider, will your cat know?nQuestnBecause he was not there when he was vomitingnAnswer, you can observe it, or you can get some probiotics first and drinkn7 morenBleak

  4. Cat vomiting is because the stomach is too weak, and there are too many hair balls in the stomach. You can feed cats to eat cat grass, which helps to relieve vomiting.

  5. It may be that cats swallow their hair into the stomach. The specific reason is recommended to send the cat to a pet hospital for a specific scan.

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