Hubei stipulates that "prohibiting abandon breeding dogs", how to promote people's civilized dogs from the root?

4 thoughts on “Hubei stipulates that "prohibiting abandon breeding dogs", how to promote people's civilized dogs from the root?”

  1. First of all, relevant departments should formulate various solutions for breeding dogs. The cost of raising dogs in ordinary people will naturally adopt a very cautious plan. Secondly, relevant departments should adjust the price of pets to see a doctor and reduce the owner's abandonment of dogs. Finally, adoption instead of purchasing.
    The first method: Increase the cost of breeding of dogs in some developed countries in some developed countries, and they will also raise dogs or cats. Foreign conditions are very different from domestic conditions. For example, residents of a developed country need to pay a variety of taxes for dogs, and each tax is high. Increase the expenses of dog breeding, but it can effectively reduce the probability of the owner's abandonment of pets. After all, before they abandon their pets, they need to consider their funds for pets.
    The second method: Establish a very reasonable adoption channel, try to make the dogs have a better living environment. With the number of abandoned dogs or cats in major cities, this makes some staff members meet. Establish temporary places for dogs or cats in the city. Faced with diseases with diseases, after the pet doctor completed pet treatment, some staff will send adoption announcements to the whole society, so that many people will understand the benefits of adopting pets. my country should properly establish a very reasonable adoption channel, so that more and more people can better adopt pets, not to buy pets at high prices.
    The third method: Effectively reduce the cost of pet viewing of pets. Not every city has a doctor who has a pet to see a doctor, but most of the owners are facing the dog's fertility or the cat has more energy. At that time, they will always look for a very formal pet hospital for dogs or cats. The price of sterilization is very expensive, and the price of a kitten is about 1,000 yuan. For ordinary office workers, the sterilization fee of about 1,000 yuan is not very low.
    Pering that after pets suffer from diseases with a high mortality rate, even if the owner has planned to see a doctor for a dog, when he sees high surgical costs or treatment costs, they can only abandon the dog. Reduce the cost of pets to see a doctor, and to a large extent to avoid the owner's abandonment of dogs.

  2. In the face of this situation, if someone discarded the dog, then the sentence is required and the criminal responsibility is needed to better stop it.

  3. I think it must be promoted and educated in the community. It is necessary to improve the quality of the people, and there are corresponding regulations and punishment measures to promote the people's civilized dogs.

  4. The regulations of dog breeding should be formulated. Pay attention to the way of raising dogs, and do a good job of management in this area. Pay attention to the way of raising dogs.

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