5 thoughts on “Which pet hospitals in the Qingdao Development Zone are the darkest, I tell you”

  1. The most darkened pet clinic in China! My cat was sick. Dr. Yu in it said that 2,000 yuan could be cured for me, and then gave me a cat for free deworming and vaccine. As a result, I told me that the cat died six days later. Wild cats, I firmly don't want his wild cat to ask him to refund the fee appropriately. Finally, he retired to me 50 yuan, saying that it was deworming and vaccine money. His family's deworm 10 yuan entered (sold 62), and the vaccine was 40 yuan (sold 80). I decided to complain to them, to work with black shops like them! They are not allowed to continue this way to harm pets and make black money!

  2. The hospital was good, and my dog ​​had a dog plague. If it weren't for San Rong, my dog ​​would not be able to live. If your dog does not eat or drink, it may be a cold or a bad stomach. My friend's dog is cured according to the stomach and intestines because he did not test it. I feel that Sanrong is very good. quite!

  3. Is this dark? It is worthy of you without giving you death. My Teddy took three stitches in Wenhe, and died that night. I regret going to the pet hospital.

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