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These days my cat's ears have a small hard block, and the ears are a bit hair loss and fever. Does anyone know what the reason is, how to treat it?

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  1. It is a bit like inflammatory skin diseases, oral anti -inflammatory drugs, and buying a bottle of pet to treat bacterial fungal infection.

  2. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer cats need to pay attention to keep warm in winternQuestion cats were the blue cat who came back last week for two months. On the same day, the doctor said that the ears were a little dirty and anemia.nThen I found that my stomach was swollen on the fourth day. I spit twice on the evening of the 28th, vomited once at noon at 29, and went to the hospital for examination at night. The doctor said that it was a cat ascites.nThen I changed a hospital on the 30th to do a B -ultrasound and puncture. The doctor said that it was not a cat ascites. It might be a faster change in food and inflammation. Then I had a three -day anti -inflammatory needle. A little constipation, and the doctor said that he used a little bit to open a little bit, and prescribed a little bit of intestinal medicine.nI went back to use Kaisai Lu, and then did not use Kaiseru for two days and could not defecate. The stomach swelled again last night.nThen I used a millilital Kaisai Lu to defecate at night. As a result, I spit a lot at noon. I picked it up with my hand. It was a food residue. I didn't continue to feednIt was not until the evening that a small amount of goat milk and can can be feed.nWhen answering the cat brought back, there will be a period of adaptationnThe cat's cat food should not change as much as possible, a small amount of feedingnTo ensure nutrition first, after the cat adapts to the new environment, these problems will improvenQuestion is not in good condition. The whole cat is like a cricket. I just fed it with a needle tube for a little goat milk and was afraid of dehydration.nAnswer this to check the concentration of Cat EdimianMore 10nBleak

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