3 thoughts on “Are you tired of taking a bath in a pet shop? What should I pay attention to?”

  1. Are you asking for a bath, or yourself, or your dog is tired? Intersection Intersection Intersection

    If you want to take your dog to take a bath for the first time, then it depends on how your dog's personality is ,,, generally okay. Essence I am afraid that it is the kind of puppy who is usually very nervous and excited, and when you meet a strange environment, strangers, you have to take a bath. Essence I will react, faint, or bite people or something. Essence Essence

    It in the store, soothe the dogs that appease themselves, and the people in ordinary pet shops are experienced and friendly. If they think they can't wash it, of course, they cannot be reluctant. Essence Essence If the dog is bathing, you don't need to do anything, of course, it will not be tired. Essence Essence And generally do not need to be accompanied by the owner

    It if you want to work in a pet shop and take a bath for other dogs, then I tell you, very tired and tired. Essence There is also danger. Essence Essence

  2. Is it tired to be tired? You have to bring a mask. The key is to prevent being bitten by a dog and bring a mask to the dog.

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