1 thought on “Can I wear a bell and collar for cats?”

  1. The topic of the collar has been arguing among cats for a long time. It is undeniable that cats wearing collar do have certain risks.
    This to cats will have an impact on it. ,

    So many people wondered if they should wear a bell collar?
    Is when cats can lead to the collar of the collar when playing and scratching;
    or when the cat is not used to the collar, trying to remove the "foreign body" on the neck with the claw, accidentally stuck the paws in the collar;
    or the collar is not suitable for the negative effects of hair removal, redness, dermatitis, inflammation, eczema or lesions in the neck.

    The flea destroyed rings
    The flea destroyed ring is the ordinary plastic collar coating the insect polyester and the polyester and then low -temperature molding,
    It is also very possible,
    especially children at home, pets are far away from young children to minimize contact.

    of course, cats with wearing collar also have benefits
    one is to increase the value:
    and there is a very important advantage - The probability.

    If accidents may happen every day. For example, the family forgot to close the doors and windows, or when the cat is frightened and thrown away when the cat goes out.
    If you wear a safety collar on your baby's neck, hang your pet nameplate,
    and write your own name, address and contact number, positioning, etc. I was found.

    The select the collar should pay attention to these three points, which can help you avoid the risk of the collar:
    1, the size of the collar should be appropriate.
    2, buy pet safety collar.
    3, the tightness of the regular inspection collar.

    The things about bells
    The questions about wearing bells are also different.
    Is know that cats' hearing is very keen, so many ramie feels that the sound of the bell will affect the cat's hearing.

    This is quite controversial. At present, there are no powerful experiments and data support. It is not harmful.
    It if the shoveling officer likes to wear the jewelry like a bell, you can buckle the little bead inside, or stuff the cotton in the bell, so that the sound will not make a sound ~

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