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  1. Cats are called spring, especially when they come at night. The cats scream more frequently and louder, just like the crying of children. Generally speaking, most of them are female cats. The male cat's estrus is performed to pee everywhere. Female cat estrus can choose to find a partner or feed meals for cats. Female cats are called Chun's phenomenon. Female cats will always be called, especially in the middle of the night, they are louder, just like the baby's crying sound, sometimes it is terrible. Usually, the female cat will be more sticky to the owner and become coquettish. Sometimes, the tail is tall, and the lower body is lying on the stomach, and he likes to use his buttocks to pinch the owner or furniture. When you touch its back or approach its butt, the female cat will lift the buttocks.
    Fema called Chun can find a partner cat to call Chun and you need to find a partner. If the owner considers the cat to breed and breed offspring, then you can go to the pet shop to ask, or see if there are cats around you who need a cat to breed, find a suitable male cat for breeding. Generally, after the cat is matched several times, the cat's demand is not called spring, but there are also some cats. But if you breed cats, you must also prepare for thought, because cats may be pregnant and have kittens.
    Small cats can eat cats. When cats are in estrus, the owner can try to divert the cat's attention if there is no other way, such as giving the cat some delicious things, some fun toys, come to come. Attract them and let them forget to call Chun temporarily. During the estrus of the cat, the shouting day and night caused the owner to collapse. At this time, the owner could feed the cat some meow quietness, you can mix it in the food, or you can eat it directly. The owner also needs to accompany a lot to appease the cat.

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