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  1. Hello Kitty
    Born in 1974, when Sanrio Mirou scheduled to launch a small wallet, the above pattern hopes to design a brand new character. And Kitty's first generation of designer Shimizu dumplings thought of the animals that children liked at the beginning of the design, nothing more than puppets, puppies, and kittens. Since the first two had already been launched, she decided to use her favorite cat. It is, so this little white cat with red bow appears on the wallet. At that time, Nobunaga didn't like it very much, but it was incredible that the kitten was out of control.
    English original text:

    hello kitty
    English phonetic symbols:
    [həˈləʊ; he-] [ˈkɪti] n American phonetic symbol:
    [hɛˈloˌ hə-] [ɪk ]ti]

  2. "Katie Cat" English is Hello Kitty.
    hello kitty (Japanese: ハロ ー キティ; Latin writing: Harōkiti) The famous Japanese anime cute star. In addition, because Hello Kitty has no mouth, there are also aliases with mouth cats and mouthless cats on the Internet. She has such a story. There is a kitten with mouth (the author already said that he has a mouth), his face is round, a bow on his left ear, and a small tail, her name is Hello Kitty, Katie cat , Gitty cat or no mouth cat. Kitty cat was born in 1974, a famous Japanese cartoon cute star. She is a British named Kitty White, Scorpio, a third grade, a pet cat named Charmmy Kitty, and a twin sisters.

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