The stray cat we often see is the largest number of raccoon cats. What is the reason for this?

4 thoughts on “The stray cat we often see is the largest number of raccoon cats. What is the reason for this?”

  1. Many people like to raise cats, and some even raising cats online. Cats are a very cute animal. Many people like that kind of furry animals. Tanuka cats are a variety of cats in my country. But the number of raccoon cats that can be seen often the most. What are the causes?
    . The raccoon cat comes alone. Tanli cats don't actually love to be close to humans. Most of the time he likes to be alone, so some people often see some people in the countryside to support raccoon cats. Every time a meal, people will prepare the rice to ride a cat. Since they will come back to eat. When he was sleeping at night, he would come back obediently. It does not exist. When you open the door yourself, the cat will run around, and finally you ca n’t find the way home, which will be lost. This cat's independence is relatively strong. Even without the owner to take care of him, he can survive himself. In his concept, he does not like to be close to humans, so the possibility of such a cat is more likely to be abandoned.
    . The personality of raccoon cats is relatively large. When many people raised cats, they must like cats. They have a docile personality, so that they can also sting their cats when they are holding him. However, the tanning cat's personality is relatively strong. He does not allow others to touch it suddenly. Often, when people go to touch the cat, the cat will scratch or bite people's hands. For some people, if the cat caughts themselves, it is necessary to get a rabies vaccine. Out of the cold heart for cats, people have abandoned the raccoon cat. Most people like that kind of sticky cat, and raccoon cats are not sticky, so for them, what is the difference between raising this cat and not raising?
    three, raccoon cats are very naughty. Most people abandoned raccoon cats because they are very naughty. They usually have a large amount of meals. They buy a lot of food for raccoon cats every month, and he is also very naughty and often destroy at home. Electric appliances or sofa beds in the family are often broken by raccoon cats. Once things are broken, they need to be replaced. This is also a big economic burden for some people, so they will be. The cat was abandoned.

  2. Because there are still many raccoon cats on the market, and raccoon cats are also very cheap, we see stray cats with more raccoon cats, and there are fewer other cats.

  3. It is mainly because many people these cats are not smart, and the second is because these cats cannot bring any benefits to the owner, so they will be discarded.

  4. Because this is our native cat, there are more reproduction of this cat, fewer people raised, and the survivability is relatively strong.

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