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  1. The steps of making cat nests are hand -made: prepare cartons, corrugated paper and blankets, reinforcement, design entrances, soft furnishings, completion.
    1. Prepare carton

    The cardboard box with a large -piece electrical appliance, the size is 106*53*53cm, the thickness is about 8mm.
    2, corrugated paper and blankets
    Corrugated paper cat grabbing board, the size of the size can be plugged into the box. The bottom of the box is covered with corrugated cardboard, and there is another small blanket in about 1/4.
    3, the ceiling reinforcement

    This Plastic reinforcement in the place where the box was originally cooked. It can be used with glass glue, and it is the same with hot melt glue (in order to reduce costs, pick up your hand).
    4. Design entrance
    This opening a 25*25cm mouth on the front and side of the box, the entrance height is about 9cm. If you are for young cats or cats who like to hide, you can open a little and taller the entrance to meet the needs of them who like to drill and avoid.
    5, soft outfit
    , in fact, it can be completed in the previous step, and the rest is the part of creation. Choose the overall sticker clean. Use a rubber stick in the middle and fix the tape on all sides.
    6. Complete
    The is put into use. If you want to increase your interaction, you can open a few more round holes. Or stand up the box into a climbing rack to increase the three -dimensional space. In short, under the premise of ensuring safety, everything will be played by you.

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