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  1. need.
    The normal mice will not have a virus, and may carry a little bacteria, but it will not affect the cat's health. So cats do not have viruses on the body of the mouse normally. However, when the mouse dies or the mouse is taken, the mouse may rot or poison. At this time, cats catch, play mice may have poisoning, illness, or even death. Therefore, although catching mice may not affect your health, he still trys to avoid letting cat catch mice.
    This cats should pay attention to the following aspects:
    1, first confirm whether the cat is healthy and whether it has been deworming. At the same time, choose a pet air box or small iron cage of the appropriate size to prevent halfway from escaping.
    2, do not rush to embrace it after receiving the cat at home. If there are children in the family, be careful not to let the child come into contact with the cat and avoid the cats from being frightened. You should give it an appropriate time to become familiar with the new environment. It is recommended to put the kitten in a room without disturbing it.
    3. Pay attention to putting away the items or foods that cats such as scoils and glass products such as knives and glass products, including chocolate, coffee, lily, various medicines, various home acid alkaline cleaners, camphor pills, insecticides, insecticidal killing Preparation and so on.

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