4 thoughts on “Cats are mainly used as pets at home. What causes black things on the cat's nose?”

  1. As we all know, cats like to eat mice, so the main reason for people to raise cats is to let cats catch mice, but this is the previous idea. In the past, most of the houses were built with earth walls. Rats could easily like to hang holes in the wall and put food in straw piles. Today, cats are mainly fed as pets. The cat owner feels like a parent -child relationship. Cats will accompany the owner or act in their feet affectionately. When the owner was sitting, it crawled on his body. When the owner was sleeping, it climbed to the bed. The intimacy of cats and owners can easily make people feel special about it.
    What is the cause of black things on the cat's nose?
    Suddenly one day, you find that there are black things on the cat's nose. It may be the dust accumulated by the cat rubbing in a poor place, because the nose is wet, and some dirty things stick to it. However, if black and dirty unknown things often appear, you may consider whether you have mild folliculitis. If you are diagnosed, feed some cat grass to adjust the proportion of fat contained in the food. If this happens less than two months old, pay attention to the ventilation in the room to maintain a certain coolness. The air flow in summer is not smooth, the temperature is high, and it is easy to breed fungi. The kitten resistance is poor. If the air flow in the room is not good, it is difficult to recover. If it continues to develop, it will endanger the life of the kitten. Healthy cats usually cure themselves. There are black things on the cat's nose
    This cannot be ruled out that mites, fungi and other substances often appear on stray cats. If you need more sun exposure and sulfur soap, you will resist these substances, and they will fall off by themselves after a period of time. Cats and cat sands are often bathed in the sun, and the ultraviolet rays in the sun have the effects of killing mold and mites. Choose a cluster of fur in the back of the back and neck when it is quiet, and gently lift its body gently. You are sitting on the sofa and leaning on your legs, which is easier. There are black things on the cat's nose
    Puvenal cotton swabs in advance. Do not use a large cotton swab to gently pick up or wipe around the cat's nostrils and inner walls. Be careful not to insert the cotton swabs into the nostrils, because it will damage the nostrils. Internal organization and annoying cats.

  2. The black spots on the cat's nose;
    1, may be caused by the smoke left on the nose or the surrounding environment when the cat eats food.
    2, after the cat is infected by fungi or bacteria, there will be black spots on the nose. And itching.

  3. There may be the following reasons for the long black stains on the cat's nose: the first case may be that the cat is not cleaned in the ash, because the nose is wet, and it is normal to stick something up.

  4. There is black things on the cat's nose. First of all, the cat may get folliculitis, and the cat's fat intake during the diet is too high.

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