5 thoughts on “I really want to raise a cat but the family does not agree with the family?”

  1. If no one is allergic to the home, you can cut it first and buy it back to the kitten first, but you have to take care of it yourself, after all, you decide to raise it.
    Even if the family finds it, it will not sweep you out of the ground, and cats are very sticky animals, and few people can resist its charm.

  2. Every family who does not agree with cats at home will eventually become a qualified shoveling officer. It is suggested that you can buy cats at home first, and slowly parents will be attracted by this proud little guy.

  3. Then don't raise it. I personally hate pets at home, especially when I drop hair. It is also troublesome to pack it. If my family wants to raise pets, I am the first to oppose it. Don't raise it at home!

  4. Cut first. Buy a cat for a few days to raise a cat, so that the parents did not want to send the cat away after they liked the cat. I used this method to successfully raise three cats.

  5. So I only do n’t raise it, because the pets in the family affect the life of the whole family. Do n’t affect your family for your own favorite. If you move out of life for raising cats, do you feel that raising a cat is better than you than you. Is it important to family?

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