2 thoughts on “What is the same thing on the cat's neck?”

  1. Usually this situation is more common in some skin diseases, but the specific diagnosis may still need to go to a pet hospital for further diagnosis. You can regularly use the cat bath to use the shellfish bath to make a medicinal bath. Cat skin plays a role in sterilization and mites, effectively prevent skin diseases

  2. There are scabs like cats on the cat's neck. This is a common pet skin disease in cats and long hair dogs.
    This solutions are also very simple to remove cats to remove cats. Clean and disinfect the cat's environment and the items used in cats to avoid bacteria residuals to threaten the health of cats. If you are infected with catthrophistic, you need to isolate the cat immediately, take a cat to the pet hospital for examination and treatment, and wear Elizabeth circle to prevent cats from licking drug poisoning.

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