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  1. How much is a milk cat, which is the kind of ordinary people?
    First of all, the current market price of the most common cats is also around 200. Generally, people who sell cats are raised by themselves, which is relatively clean. Of course, 20 years ago, it was generally 10 yuan in small markets (but most of them were sold out for washing)
    Secondly, where the cats were sold now, and what kind of cats sold for them now Essence If it is that kind of pet shop, it is expensive, and the opposite friends can give you cheaper. There is also a variety problem. Even a little milk cat, the variety is very expensive, such as blue cats, Garfield, etc. As for rural cats, they do not sell at all because they do not make money.
    So if you want a milk cat, it is the kind of miscellaneous cat raised by ordinary people. It is best to ask a friend to ask for one. The price is.

  2. How much is a milk cat? It is the kind of ordinary people
    The pets are not, accurate prices, because some people are greasy when raising cats. You can also buy ten yuan, but some don’t want to sell it much, you must sell more expensive, you have to sell more than 100

  3. Ordinary ordinary small milk cats are very cheap, and the good quality may be better than 100, but if you contact you, you can go to the local Dynamics Association to adopt, let adoption instead of buying and selling, creating a harmonious society!

  4. If it is a Chinese pastoral cat. The price will not exceed 50 yuan. Generally, you do n’t have to buy it on the cat house, and sometimes you can buy it in the vegetable field.
    In fact, it is recommended to adopt it. In fact, many pet shops have many pets to be adopted.
    It is a variety of cats. There are hundreds of people.

  5. Generally, if the kind of 3,000 or 4000 ordinary people raised, if it is other milk cats, it is the kind of expensive people to buy it for tens of thousands of dollars.

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