Why do my cats always hurt people?

No matter how to fight, not only hurts people, but also likes to scream in the middle of the night. It is still the case after taking sterilization. How to adjust a cat obedient?

4 thoughts on “Why do my cats always hurt people?”

  1. If the owner often feeds with his hands or plays with him with his hands, he will bite people. It is difficult to change when you are used to develop it. When you take a longer, you should correct it. Call the name, put the food or snacks in a bowl after you come over. Remember not to feed it with your hands. When you play, use a teasing cat stick. You cannot attract cats or play with cats with your hands! Secondly, when a bite -biting move, the roar of learning cats scared him when he was angry! Cats can quickly understand that playing cats does not use it, he can't understand! Also, I often cut my nails!
    The short -haired cat

  2. When the cat teases him, don't worry about him. He thought you played with him, so he didn't know that he was as gentle as a person, and usually put his cat food and cats. If he always catchs you, you can roll him with a newspaper, so he is scared, and he can't hurt him. When teasing him, pay attention to the size, try not to let him grab or wear gloves, and cut him more nails. Cats get along with others. This is slowly training. After all, he is an animal and he has his nature. He wants to know our human behavior. My meow was also catching people and bite. He now knows that it is fun to play with him, try not to get out of the claws, and when you are annoyed, he also opens his mouth and bite people. He just warned, so we immediately stopped before he was anxious.

  3. Cats are very docile and pleasant pets. As long as you do not create danger for it, it threatens it, and cats will not act offensive. Of course, cats may also arrest people for some reasons.

    The behavior of letting cats stop attacking and catching people. The fastest and most direct way is to reprimand and roar. The owner's reprimand can allow cats to stop immediately. As the owner of the owner, the owner has a obedient and awe. Therefore, when cats make mistakes, the owner's reprimand and warnings are also specially used. With a loud call, the kitten will stop the claw it extended.

    of course, to correct the cat's habit of catching people. This has to be trained from an early age. To develop a good habit of contacting human beings from an early age, and after the pet cat stops the action, parents are best for education and criticism. You can scold or make a sound of anger, and immediately pat on his head at the same time. Of course, it was lightly patting instead of maliciously hitting it. Since childhood training and guidance, cats can develop good character and make it more stable and kind without catching people casually.
    Is to adopt it!

  4. It is your cat's cat has not been tuned and managed since he was a child. Lack of security, not friendly to people. You should accompany the cat more, feed the delicious brushing the hair, make it feel safe, and you will not be afraid of people. The claw cover should be trimmed in time.

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