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  1. The reason for dog fighting
    before considering how to change its act of fighting, we must first figure out why it wants to fight. We all know that the wild animals have a sense of instinctively guarding their own territory or food or spouse. Once someone violates it, it will fight back without hesitation. Although many pets are now nursing and no such problems are, this consciousness has become a genetically portrait on each dog after thousands of years of development.

    . They have always had this instinct. When you take it out to play, you may just have something to happen to trigger this instinct, so it will fight. For example, the awareness of the territory. When we take the dog out to play, we often see that the dogs walk for a while and urinate. That's not because it has a lot of urine. It is a mark that marks its own territory. The same behavior violated its territory and was seen by it again, so it naturally attacked the invaders.

    or may also be due to the problem of the spouse. If your dog is in estrus, then if you see a dog of other opposite sex when you go out, you will go up to be diligent. At the same time, if there is another dog, it also does the same action, then in order to ensure that its spouse is not snatched, it will attack another dog.

  2. Pay content for time limit to check for freenThe reason for answering is 4 points 1. The status dispute Dog itself is a group of animals. Of course, there is a dispute between class or leaders. They will use the physical fitness to choose. king. Before the leaders are determined, they will try to determine each other's status as soon as they have a chance. 2. The dogs who are in estrus during the estrus. In the case of estrus, a number of male dogs will bite and fight a big fight because of competing for mating rights. For dogs with estrus, the owner must look at your own dogs, it is better to go out less, and pay attention to supplementing nutrition. During the estrus period, the bitch of the estrus has a lot of nutritional loss. You should choose dog food with large calcium content. Supplement nutrition for dogs to avoid malnutrition. 3. Fight for toys. Some dogs have a strong possessiveness of dogs, that is, as long as other dogs in their mouths cannot touch, they will not work if they touch it! Just warn it! This kind of dog is a considerable food care. In daily feeding, the owner must do a good job of food care training. It is best to cooperate with some small snacks during training. This may be simpler to train, and the dog will cooperate with a little bit.n4. Guard instincts that some dogs are jealous and guardian. They are unwilling to approach their owners, or when their owners and other dogs are playing, they will rush up to bite! For these dog owners, do not praise or embrace other dogs in front of their own dogs, so as not to get jealousy, make the scene chaotic, hurt innocent, and usually accompany the dog.nDogs are generally fighting because of these [Happy]n1 morenBleak

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