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  1. At present, more and more pets are raised. The dog owners may have such experience, that is, the dogs can't wait to sit up after seeing the owner getting in the car. Because the clever dogs understand that they can first be separated from the owner with the owner; the second is to be able to go out and play. Therefore, basically all dogs like to go out with the owner very much. But when the dog got on the car for the first time, it didn't look like later. For dogs, the car is also new. The dogs have inherent curiosity and fear of the newly touched objects. But supporting them can finally take the car as the favorite factor, or because it can increase its courage with the owner. After several times, everything is natural. We know that popular cars in China have also been in recent years. In the past thousands of years, when people raised dogs, there were no cars.

    The dogs that take the car for the first time will definitely not be able to adapt, just like people take a car or take a boat for the first time, it will occur in motion sickness or motion sickness. It is a very normal behavior. Essence The first time the dog was different in behavior, some were like people's nausea, some were sitting in the car, and some small dogs were looking for a sense of security and lay on the owner. A few hours before the dog took the car, the owner should not feed it as much as possible. It is best to take the stomach. The car is shaking. The stomach is undoubtedly uncomfortable. And vomiting, and before getting on the car, take the dog's dog to the toilet, especially the long distance, very inconvenient on the highway.

    The first time you take a dog to take a car, you must first adapt to the dog for a period of time. Due to the dexterous taste of the dog, it will be very easy to feel the smell of car gasoline. Dogs are actively avoided the irritating taste. Therefore, it can go to the car that is not running again and again, so that they are gradually used to the smell of car gasoline until they are not excluded. Below is the car engine that makes it slowly incorporate into the sound of the car. In the end, it is moving the car, and then it looks at its reaction. When it responded violently, it slowly touched and rewarded snacks. In general, there is a period of incorporating a period of incorporation. If the dog at home does not merge the extracellular fluid of the car at first, it is proposed that the owner can drive a distance around the house, so that the dogs at home to understand the car first. The speed is more suitable for dogs with motion sickness. In the end, it is a brief driving after it is not disgusted with the car and emotional stability.
    In general, the dog will like to take a car soon, but when you take the dog to drive out, there are some matters or not to ignore it. For example, in the car where the car is driving, it must be restrained with a seat belt, and the second will maintain a certain ventilation in the car; in the end, after a certain period of time, it is necessary to stop the wind and defecate. Everyone finds that there are many self -driving tourists traveling with dogs. The dogs are very excited and clever. They love to find new areas and play in the distance. It is the nature of all dogs. At the same time, isn't it very interesting to be accompanied by a lonely journey? But there is no doubt that the dogs love to travel by car and need to go through the process of curiosity, fear and adaptation. But in the most important element, accompanied by the owner, the dog dares to try anything, which is also from the high trust of the owner. Under the standard condition, it is a very good choice to take a dog out.

  2. First of all, I think that the dog should be used to ride more cars, so that there can be a stage of adaptation. At the same time, you should pay attention to the speed of the car when driving. You should let the car drive smoothly. Do not have serious bumps.

  3. Dogs should often be allowed to sit in the co -driving, and they should also drive slowly. The windows should be opened, so that the dog will adapt to the car.

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