2 thoughts on “What is going on when dogs eat yourself”

  1. Dogs may be the following reasons. First of all, it is necessary to consider that dogs may have different eclipses. Alcoholism is caused by the lack of some trace substances in the dog's body, especially a disease caused by some trace elements. Then the most common manifestation of dogs is to eat stool , Lick the corner and eat soil. The disorders of the liver metabolism in the body can also lead to the occurrence of alien food. Due to the insufficient bile secreted by the liver, the fat decomposition in the body is insufficient. Therefore, the excreted feces will remain a lot of fat. So I eat it.
    Secondly, indigestion, the dog's stool still has unlimited food. Finally, behavior habits, this situation is best to deal with dog stool or give the dog an appropriate amount of punishment and education in a timely manner, so that the dog knows that this behavior is incorrect.

  2. First of all, from the nature of the dog, dogs are a kind of corrupted animal, that is, you see shit, think this is dirty, and in the eyes of the dog, this is a food that can be eaten. So many wild dogs choose shit without enough food.
    but except for wild dogs, sometimes dogs raised at home obviously have delicious dog food, but there will still be a behavior of eating shit. First of all, it may be a kind of curiosity. When you see the shit, you feel like you can eat it, you try to taste it.
    In addition to eating shit curiosity, some dogs are also scolded by the owner because of their urine anywhere, and mistakenly believe that shit cannot appear in front of the owner, so I usually eat it quickly after pulling the shit, so as not allowed to let it go to prevent it from letting go. The owner saw anger and scold himself.
    It another situation is that the dog's body has problems, and the digestive system becomes very weak. After eating dog food, the body cannot digest complete. At this time, the body lacks some elements, and the dog will find a way to solve it because of instinct.
    Is when a dog eats shit, do not get angry with the dog, which will make the problem more serious. If there is a problem with the body, give it to adjust the diet structure. If it is out of curiosity, you must play with it after it shit and let it forget to eat shit.

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