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  1. I often see such questions in Baidu, "My dog ​​has a lot of dogs, it should not be cold, but sometimes it has been shaking, and it is squeezed in the crowd, and I have never been frightened. Sometimes I think it is urgent. , But take it out and refuse to come back. What is going on? "

    It when the dog is cold, afraid, and pain, you will become shaking dogs. The reason is to take relative measures:

    1. Cold -strengthen thermal insulation

    2. Fear -appease emotion ... fear, fear (such as thunder, firecrackers, abuse, abuse … And sometimes when you first arrive in a new environment, you may be afraid of)

    3. Pain —— Activity

    4. Dogs will also be in short heart due to insufficient heart. By load, it will tremble. The shoveling officers should also appropriately strengthen the cardiopulmonary health care of the dogs, so that their blood is strong, naturally it will not be so easy to shake!

    5. When the dogs eat it by mistake (chocolate) There will be poisoning after food, including gastrointestinal tract, cardiovascular, and nervous system. In the early stage, there will be symptoms such as vomiting, fast heartbeat, and excitement. When there are these neurotic symptoms, dogs usually have poor prognosis.

    6. Dogs are likely to be sick! "Shaking Dog's Symptoms" is related to the nerve conduction of the brain. It belongs to a genetic disease. Common dogs of certain varieties.

    So when the dog is shaking, don't be busy, pay attention to observe carefully, and find out the real reason.

    . If the dog often trembles, and it lasts for a long time, you can also take it to a regular pet hospital for examination and treatment!

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