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  1. The techniques for shaving with dogs
    It owners like to shave the dog's hair. Do you know why the hair of the dog is shaved? The following is the content of the reasons for the dog shaving by me. I hope everyone likes it!
    The cause of dog shaving
    Generally, it is recommended to shave the dog only in three cases:
    ) It is really a dog who is afraid of heat: If your baby's temperature is not high, the temperature is not high, When you have spit your tongue all day, you must pay attention.
    2) Dogs with skin diseases have been confirmed: shaving the hair before treatment, the effect is better.
    3) The hair loss is severe. Dogs with frequent licking hair: After shaving, it can reduce the condition of the spit ball.
    This problems caused by dog ​​shaving
    Questions 1: If the parents are shaved with the dogs, the parents have no pet push for pets, and they are not skilled. If you do it yourself, it is easy to damage the dog's hair follicles, so that the new hair of the dog will lose its gloss and unhealthy. If you want to shave your dog yourself so that it can improve the quality of hairy, it is almost impossible
    Question 2: After being shaved with skin inflammation dogs Protection, not only can not prevent heat from heat and cool down in summer, it is more likely to be damaged by ultraviolet rays. The skin is directly exposed to the air, and it is easy to cause itching and allergies under the effects of dust, pollen, and insect mosquitoes. When the dog feels itching, it will be scratched with your paws, and the dog skin is often scratched. Wounds are prone to inflammatory fungi.
    Question three: It is easy to cause colds and gastrointestinal inflammation. Many dogs exist, because after being shaved or shaved, seeing your appearance is not used to it, it will have a strong sense of inferiority. depression. The common characteristics are loss of appetite, unwilling to go out, and strong aggressiveness; some dogs will have skin allergies and skin ulcers of different degrees.
    Question 4: It is easy to suffer from depression. Many dogs exist, because after being shaved or shaved, it is not used to seeing your own appearance. It will have a strong sense of inferiority. disease. The common characteristics are loss of appetite, unwilling to go out, and strong aggressiveness; some dogs will have skin allergies and skin ulcers of different degrees.
    Fifth: Long -term harm to human body can also cause harm. Some parents are because the dogs are fierce, and it is troublesome to clean up the dog hair in the home. So, shave your love dog hair! After shaving the dogs, it does not mean that the dog will not lose hair. It can only be said that you can not find it easily! This will bring the security of the family. Great hidden dangers, if you can see the hair of the dog's hair, you will notice once the dog hair enters your mouth and the respiratory tract, but the dog hair will not easily enter your body. Conversely, if the dog is shaved, the hair that falls on the ground is not only easy to float in the air, but it is more likely to enter the human mouth and respiratory tract with the family's breathing. Because the human respiratory tract does not have digestion function, what you think for a long time, what do you think? The invisible hair is accumulated in the family's lungs, resulting in very serious consequences. Under what circumstances need to shave the hair for the dog? 1. Dogs have severe skin diseases. 2. The dog's hair has been severely adhered and cannot be combed, which may cause skin diseases.
    The tips for cutting the dogs
    The long hair of the dog not only looks hot in summer and early autumn, but also does not look good after crazy, but also easy to hang dirty things. As a result, pet beauty has been hot recently, but the expensive cost has made ordinary consumers discouraged. Most owners can save this cost. In fact, you can cut the dog with a comb and scissors at home.
    [梳] wood comb, small scissors and cutting. Small scissors are used to cut the hair neatly, and cutting is used to cut the cut hair naturally and beautiful.
    [Preparation] Take a bath for the dog before trimming, and then trim it with a wooden comb. Scissors should be used vertically and do not scratch it for the dog's body.
    The face is more cute, and curiosity drives the nose to smell and smell, and erected the ears due to tension and sensitivity. The face that vividly express the inner feelings is the most attractive part of the dog. But the hair on the face is long. Eating and drinking water will hang food residues, making a small face dirty, and it is even more disgusting after drying. So repairing the face of a dog is necessary.
    The trimming the entire face is not easy. You can try it easy to trim from the beard, ears, etc., and you can make it clean as long as these places are slightly modified. It should be noted that the beard can not be cut blindly, but it is an important detector of a dog!
    The should pay attention to avoid making the scissors from hurting the dog when trimming the face. Even dogs who are usually docile do not like to make people touch its face, so it is best to tribute and speak to soothe it and keep it calm. In this way, the longer the dog's attention will concentrate.
    Stime a very convenient scissors to trim it carefully, and it can be trimmed and beautifully trimmed.
    1, jaw. The long hair at the jaw is not only useless, but also affects the appearance of the face, so the extra part should be cut off.
    2, eyebrows. When trimming the eyebrows, the scissors should not be at the eyes, so as not to touch the eyes when the dog moves.
    3. The edge of the lips. The hair under the lips should also be cut off. Press its lips when trimming, so as to prevent damage when it suddenly moves.
    The legs and feet should be sharp
    The soles of the feet are the easiest parts of soaring. If the hair on the feet grows too long, it is not only inconvenient to walk, but it is also easy to stain some dust and garbage on the walkway. And it also looks sloppy. Therefore, it is necessary to cut off the long hair of the toes and the tip of the toes to keep it clean and comfortable.
    1, toes. The hair on the toes is trimmed with a small scissors until the length of the nail can be covered, so that the hair tip is just on the ground when walking. Then use the cutting hair between the toe to cut it into a natural circle.
    2. The front leg. Use a wooden combination of the hair, and cut off the too long hair with a small scissors. In order to make it look more natural, do not cut it into the same length, you should adjust the trimming length appropriately according to the contour of the leg.
    3. Har legs. If the hair on the hind leg is too long, it will give people a heavy feeling. Use cutting to trim it into a natural shape. But be careful not to cut too much, and pay attention to the overall sense of balance.
    The hair of the soles of the feet often cuts the gap between the meat balls of the soles of the feet. If the hair of this part is too long, the meat ball will be covered, so that the dog cannot be scalable freely when walking, and it is easy to slip and fall when walking on a smooth ground.
    It, the hair under the feet is too long and it is easy to adsorb dust and dirt, or when walking over a lot of water in a wet water accumulation, it has a lot of water to create the conditions for breeding for bacteria, which causes skin diseases. Essence Therefore, we must often trim the long feet hair to keep the feet tidy.
    Them hair under the feet grows fast, so try to trim the shortest when trimming each time, but be careful not to cut it to the skin, and fix your feet before trimming. After walking, check whether there are stones or garbage in the meatballs of the soles of the feet. In addition, there are a lot of hair in the meat ball itself, don't forget to prunites.
    This with small scissors to cut the long hair of the long -toe tip covering the meat ball. When cutting, use your fingers to pull the meat ball to the left and right to confirm the position of the hair, and then cut the long hair with the edge of the meat ball with the scissors to avoid hurting the toes.
    The long hair on the dog is the most difficult to cut. You may wish to learn from the barber cutting your hair, use your fingers to make a ruler, and use a finger to put it down. With a long point, three fingers are matched.

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