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  1. Novices need to pay attention to when raising pet dogs. For example, novices do not know how much dogs eat to eat, and they may let the dog eat. And novices should not go to milk dogs, you can raise a 6 -month -old dog. Because the little milk dog does not know hunger and full, you may keep eating after eating, you will make you eat very well, and then lose your life. Therefore, novice must understand some pets before raising dogs, so as to raise the dog very well and not let the dog's body problems.
    The novice must know what the dog can eat and what you can't eat.
    The dog's body is different from humans. For example, dogs cannot eat chocolate. If you eat chocolate, you may feel suffocating and let the dog die. Therefore, when we feed the dog, we must not give the dog chocolate, and we must put the chocolate in a relatively high position, so that the dogs should not be stolen. Because the dog's curiosity is also relatively sufficient, when you see a delicious thing, it also wants to eat it. Therefore, you must know what the dog's food should be when raising dogs. It is best to eat dog food for dogs.
    The owner must understand the physical movement of the dog.
    The dogs can't speak, but the dog's limbs can make the owner understand what it is expressing. For example, if the dog has lowered his body and his tail is still shaking, it means that the dog wants to play with the owner. At this time, the owner can throw the flying plate in his hand and let the dog chase the flying tray. Because dogs have more energy, if they do not vent these energy, they will be dismantled, which is also very bad. And the dog's tail can show the dog's mood. When you see the tail of different shapes, you can guess what the dog's mood is.
    This summary
    The problems that need to pay attention to dogs are more. I also hope that the owner can learn more about pets, so that the dog can be raised, and the dog's body will not be allowed to let the dog's body. If you have any problems, you will not make the dog's spiritual problem.

  2. The dog may be smelly when you enter the house and may be dirty. You may want to give them a thorough cleaning as soon as you enter the house. Play, but you don't know that this may kill your dog. The dog will not adapt to the new environment, scared. At this time, the dog's resistance is very weak, and the bath can easily make him a cold and cause some dog plague. For the fatal disease of the dog, when the dog first arrived, you must remember not to take a bath for him. If he is dirty, you can limit its activity area or use dry cleaning method. In short Wet the whole body to take a bath for him.

  3. Novice to raise pet dogs need to pay attention: take a dog to pet shops to get rabies vaccine to drive insects, usually do not give the dog high -salt food. Take a dog out, stroll more exercise, sunbathing the sun, do not give the dogs often take a bath, pay attention to the balanced nutrition matching, be sure to pay attention to hygiene, pay attention to training the dog's daily life habits, eating habits, defecation habits, and so on.

  4. When raising pet dogs, be sure to understand the breed of dogs, to understand the habits of dogs, be sure to vaccinate the dog, be deworming. To do a good job of disinfection at home, you must give the dogs for dogs. Buying a dog's nest, buying dog food, you can also buy some toys, you can buy some dogs' daily necessities. You must accompany the dogs more, and you must walk more.

  5. You need to pay attention to giving the dog vaccine, and you also need to pay attention to the dog's physical examination. You also need to bathe the dogs often. You should also pay attention to the bowel movements of the dog. These are issues that you need to pay attention to when raising dogs.

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