3 thoughts on “Will the dog die after drinking wine?”

  1. If the dog consumes a lot of alcohol, then the dog will die because of this. It is recommended that the owner should avoid letting the dog from touching white wine and all alcoholic beverages to avoid the dog's poisoning.
    If the dog has already drank and does not last long, the owner can try to vomit the dog; if the dog has been drinking for a long time, it is recommended that the owner immediately take the dog to the pet hospital for treatment for treatment. Essence
    The damage to the dog liver is very large, and it will increase the burden on the liver. Drinking the dog for a long time will degenerate its liver function, and then cause problems in various organs of the dog's body.

  2. If it is severe alcohol poisoning, it may die. If your dog has the symptoms of vomiting and convulsions, you need to quickly feed the gastrointestinal with laundry powder to strengthen the stomach. Essence In fact, the alcohol is very irritating. Even if the dog is licking, it is estimated that it will only be touched. It will not drink a lot.
    Wang hope to adopt

  3. My cat was filled with my sister and did not die. I just slept for a long time after the incident, and then I woke up by itself! Do you know how much do you drink? Generally speaking, it is just licking a little bit with tongue.

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