2 thoughts on “How to draw a dog's whole body stick figure one step -by -step teaching”

  1. The steps of puppy stick figures are as follows:
    1. The young classmates can use the outline of the puppy's head on the white paper and draw a square.

    2. After drawing the outline of the head, you must draw your ears. The ears can be larger on the lower side. Draw your eyes, and then draw a arc as the facial segmentation line to distinguish the face.

    4. Draw the nose under the arc. Under the nose, we can directly spend two curved arcs on both sides of the puppy's mouth, and then click on a few points on the mouth as a beard beard as a beard beard So the puppy will be painted.

    1. A greater child can try to draw a puppy stick figure. This is completely familiar with the appearance of the puppy, first draw the puppy's long face. Draw your nose and eyes on your face after drawing a long face.

    2. After drawing the puppy's face, draw two long ears on both sides, so that the head of the puppy is basically completed.

    3. Draw the head and follow the body. The puppy's body is slender and there are four legs under our body, so that we can draw the puppy's body and four legs.

    4. It is indispensable to draw a puppy's tail. We can draw a small tail as a small tail on the back of the body, so that the puppy is basically formed.

    5. Finally, just apply the color of the ears to the color.

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