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  1. At that time, many people thought that dogs and people were like people

    each month came to

    . Note that this is the wrong concept

    The aunt who comes to the dog is one of the performances of estrus
    7 Twice a year, once in spring, once in autumn

    once blooding for 1 to 14 days

    The aunt who comes to the aunt will show: disturbing commotion, loss of appetite, and often licking their buttocks, but it is more obvious that the vulva will swelling, accompanied by bleeding.

    This "Auntie" is weak

    The owner of the dog

    Wang Xingren: Auntie is so uncomfortable

    This shoveling officer: Drink more hot water
    Let the dog drink more hot water?

    Of course not,

    So what should a dog come to aunt?

    01 Diabetes: If the dog is at home, you can put on diapers to avoid the house everywhere, but you must replace it regularly and infect the bacteria for free.

    02 Do a good job of keeping warm: Dogs come to auntie as humans, the resistance will decrease, the appetite will be weak, and it is relatively weak. To keep warm for the dog, you can choose to put on your dog ~

    03 to supplement nutrition: because the dog's menstrual period is relatively long, shovel shovel Officials should pay attention to supplementing nutrition for dogs, especially blood supplement.

  2. Dogs will be more sticky than usual.
    It dogs will come for a holiday when the dog is in estrus. During the holiday, the dog's vulva will swell, and blood or pink sticky secretions will flow out of the vulva. Many dogs will be more sticky than usual in the process of estrus, and they are eager to go out. Seeing other dogs will be more proactive. Some dogs even respond to the owner's touch.
    Pukr's first menstruation will show the swelling of peach and redness, and flowing out of the sour smell of blood mucus, bright eyes, and restlessness.

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