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  1. The role of dogs to eat nutrition cream is supplemented with nutrition, and dogs' physical fitness can be quickly recovered; dogs that can help dogs who are not physically recovered quickly; they can supplement energy with weak constitution and old dogs; The symptoms of anemia effectively improve the immunity of the body. Dogs The role of nutrition cream Nutrition cream is a kind of quick -supplementary nutrition that is easy to digest and absorb, and is very practical, mainly based on the daily nutritional ingredients required by the dog.
    usually malnourished dogs, puppies, or diseased dogs with recovery periods can supplement nutrition by eating nutrient cream, and dogs' physical fitness can be quickly recovered; dogs with poor physical strength can help quickly recover quickly Physical strength; weak constitution and old dogs, can replenish energy in time, and improve the body well; it can also improve the symptoms of dogs and anemia, effectively improve the body's immunity; Supplement the source and maintain the health of fur.
    It dogs that need to supplement nutrition cream 1. Puppies: Dogs of this period have not yet developed, the absorption and digestive capacity is relatively poor, it is easy to deficiency in calcium, you need to supplement nutrition cream and enhance the body's resistance.
    2. Picky dogs: Dogs pick up for a long time, or eat human leftovers leftovers, and the diet structure is too single, which is easy to malnutrition. It is necessary to replenish the nutrients needed by the body in time through other means.
    3. Pregnant dogs or breastfeeding bitch: Dogs of dogs during this period are relatively high in nutrition. If you cannot meet your physical needs in your diet, you can also supplement various substances by eating nutrition paste, especially for especially the nutritional paste, especially the specialty, especially the nutritional cream, especially the special substance, especially the specialty, especially Calcium.
    4. Old dogs: After the dog enters the age, the body's digestion and absorption ability are gradually declining, and the nutritional components absorbed will be reduced in large quantities, so that its body will be weaker and faster. At this time It can supplement a variety of nutrients, which is good for the body.
    5. sick dogs: sick dogs are usually loss of appetite. Feeding nutrition creams can provide basic energy.
    6. Dogs facing dog food: At this time, the dog may have some discomfort due to the change of dog food, which will affect appetite. At this time, eating nutrition cream will help improve the dog's appetite. Make it appetite.
    7. Obesity dogs: Obesity dogs need to effectively control the balance of nutrition. The ratio of nutritional cream is based on the daily nutritional needs of the dog.
    The precautions for dogs to eat nutrition paste, although the use of nutrition cream is widely used, is not universal. The nutrition cream is mainly to maintain the normal physiological function of the dog, ensure the vitamins, protein, and energy required every day. Essence In addition to the above types of types of nutritional cream, normal dogs should not eat nutrition cream often. There is less nutrition, and it will hurt the body as much as possible.

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