What is better to eat a dog with a full moon? There is no dog mother?

What kind of milk is it better to drink a puppy in the full moon?

4 thoughts on “What is better to eat a dog with a full moon? There is no dog mother?”

  1. Dogs who have not been full of moon are usually feeding sheep milk powder without breastfeeding. Before feeding, you can prepare some Wang Xiangyang milk powder, add warm water in an appropriate amount, and mix slowly and evenly for feeding. When feeding, you should observe the dog's belly. If you have bulged, you can stop. Because the puppies are relatively small, they need to be fed a small amount.
    It, some owners may want to feed the dogs to feed the dog in order to facilitate and save trouble, but the lactose contains here is relatively high, and the dog's body does not decompose lactose enzymes. , Vomiting.
    It time, you can also boil some millet porridge, vegetable porridge, pumpkin porridge to feed the dog, and you can add an appropriate amount of egg yolk, milk cake, and nutrition cream to the porridge to help the dog supplement nutrition. If the goat milk powder drinking the dog is thicker, or the feeding food is put in oil and salt, causing the digestive problems of the gastrointestinal and stomach to be diluted, you can stop feeding for half a day. , Reduce the problem brought by dilute.

  2. Cats and dogs these animals drink milk powder with pets when they are young. Human goat milk powder can also drink, but do not drink milk.

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