How to choose pet toys?

You need to buy toys for silly dogs, but you choose to tangled, how to choose pet toys, you can choose what our dog likes

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  1. Pet toys can be divided into two categories according to functionality: toys and interactive toys alone. With the fast -paced life of urban people, many pets have no time to accompany dogs, so for toys, they generally choose to be alone toys.
    The selection of pet toys is generally divided according to the needs of dogs: molar toys -puppies in the puppies are in the period of long teeth, tooth beds will have discomfort. At this time The toys required are toys that have a molar effect and do not hurt the tooth bed. For example, Star Football, the patented soft glue material, soft and not wound, but not easily bite. Puzzle toys -how can dogs who are in the growth and development period have less puzzle toys, such as Starry Snack Ring. Adjust the location of the snack ring in the snack ring, set the corresponding difficulty, so that the dog can remove the snack through your own efforts. At the same time, because of its own nylon material, it is particularly suitable for dogs with strong bite ability. Fun toy -When a dog enters a new environment or goes out of the car, it is easy to produce restless mood. At this time, you need to use something to attract its attention to alleviate this anxious mood. For example, Star Rugby, stuffed the dogs that dogs love to eat in the toys in advance. At the same time, the dogs will also make crispy sounds during the biting process, which attracts the dog's attention and relieves the new environment into the new environment. The discomfort brought.
    Is when choosing a pet toy, you must choose carefully with the actual situation of pet dogs. Like ordinary office workers, you ca n’t have a lot of time to accompany the dog. On the other hand, the model of pet toys is recommended to choose large to prevent pets from causing by mistake due to small toys.

  2. Pet toys can pay attention to the following three points in the selection process:
    1. The material of pet toys
    The material of pet toys not only related to the playfulness of pet toys, but also to the health of dogs. Dogs are unable to distinguish the quality of pet toys. At the same time, everything can be pinched into the mouth for dogs. This requires the owner to pay attention to the selection of the material when choosing a dog toy. Pet toys made of seeds not only can not help the dog's bite, but also effectively protect the dog's mouth.
    2. The specifications of pet toys
    This shoveling officers who buy pet toys often notice that certain pet toys will match the specifications of pet toys in accordance with the size of the dog, in order to avoid dog mistakes. When choosing a pet toy, try to buy a pet toy larger than the dog's mouth.
    3. The related design of pet toys
    Puya in pet toys often has some small parts such as eyes and nose in order to add beauty. In fact, this is also a potential for dog health. Threat. Therefore, you need to pay more attention when choosing.

  3. You can choose, autonomous, and interactive types from the function type of toys.
    Beling toys is autonomy, which can disperse the energy of pets to avoid pets for pets and pet toys

  4. What are the dog playing? This problem is actually very simple. The following is the specific dog toy I summarized. 1. What are the dogs play-spherical toy dogs are born to chase mobile items, and spherical toys basically like to chase the ball every dog.
    2. What are the dogs play-knot rope toys. Try to choose the type of knot toys formed from a whole nylon rope. Some knot -up rope toys that are made of multi -wire head are easily destroyed by the dog and swallowed the cotton line into the stomach, although occasionally swallowing a small section of cotton rope rope The harm is not great, but if the swallowed cotton rope is too long or too long, it may cause the dog's intestinal damage when the stool is excreted.
    3. What are the dog playing with-biting toys
    especially for some dog breeds with large bite force (such as Bit dogs, Norwegian, German Mu, etc.) The bite toys are given to them, otherwise they may not wait for them to get the toys and have been bitten, and at the same time there are risks that they eat

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