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  1. First of all, when the pet dog is frightened, it will definitely become very nervous. Dare not dare to contact the outside world. The frightened dogs may prefer to hide in the dog's nest or under the bed, under the sofa, in these closed places, in these closed places Pet dogs will feel safer.
    Then, it is confirmed that the pet dog is frightened, so you should first create a safe and comfortable living environment to help eliminate the dog's fear and anxiety. At this time, the owner should give enough care and help to pet dogs. Note that at this time, do not force the dog to force the dog at this time, but give enough time to guide the pet dog in a gentle way, let it slowly understand the world and accept this environment.
    is worth noting that when the pet dog is frightened, parents can touch it to comfort and encourage it, but don't let strangers stimulate it. If the pet dog has problems with vomiting, diarrhea, mental weakness, and diet and sleep because of being frightened, then you should go to a pet hospital for examination. Be careful not to make a pet dog's life healthy.
    The symptoms and manifestations of dogs after being frightened:
    The first, the frightened pet dog may become more timid. At the moment of being stimulated, it will suddenly scattered everywhere. And it will bark loudly, and the dog cannot be calm.
    Secondly, the frightened pet dog may be reduced by external adaptability. They will become more introverted and like to stay in the place where they think are safe, such as dog nests, under the bed, etc. Any changes in the outside world may scare it again.
    third, the frightened pet dog may also have a physical response. After being stimulated by some dogs, their appetite will be reduced, and they will not eat or drink.

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  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Dogs are frightened. Do not force the dog to show a state of fear when the dog is frightened. It will also hide because of fear. At this time, the owner should not force the dog to come out. Essence Dogs are frightened and need to appease. When the dog is frightened, it is prone to stress reaction. The owner can touch the dog, comfort and encourage the dog, and don't let strangers stimulate the dog. If the dog suffers from vomiting, diarrhea, mental weakness, and diet and sleep due to frightening, it is recommended to seek medical treatment in time.nQuestions do not vomit, only mental weakness, loss of appetite, and then I accidentally scared it. When I stroke itnI'm sorry to see it just to see, just wait for the dog to slow down, you can soothe the dog for some small snacksn1 morenBleak

  4. Hello! The dog accompanied it after receiving the scary. After it was calm, you can feed the dog to eat what it likes to eat and play with it. In this way, dogs will slowly recover.

  5. Warm is companionship, but also requires external stimuli. According to the way of thousands of miles of hunting dogs, eating raw meat for dogs is not necessarily wild pork. Chicken is also fine. It is best to make it familiar with this taste. Then go to the password collaborative training, and then change to the living chicken, it will naturally strengthen the wolf nature, team consciousness,

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