What should I do if Dalian dog consignment

What to do with the board at the end of the month to check the consignment is convenient and fast

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  1. See how you check it. Trains, cars, and planes are different. At present, only aviation consignment can handle pets to leave the owner's separate consignment service, and others must follow the owner.
    The easiest is the long -distance car consignment, which is good at discussing with the driver master.
    The most stable and convenient is aviation consignment. You open the test and quarantine certificate and health certificate name. Pet shops buy the airbox and prepare. 3 hours before boarding, go to the airport to check the pets, board it yourself, and then take your dog after arriving.
    The most tiring train consignment. You bought a train passenger ticket, but because you are consigning animals, you cannot let the animal take the freight car of the passenger train alone according to regulations. You must be accompanied by the owner to consign your train carriage with the car. Therefore, you must be with your dog. Ascend the cargo carriage of the passenger train, and go all the way to the destination. Whether you buy a ticket, a ticket, or a hard sleeper, or a soft sleeper, you have to stay in the truck carriage from the passenger train from the departure place to the destination.
    The processing process for your aviation consignment:
    . Program: rabies immunity -local veterinary station quarantine -airport quarantine
    . Items that must be prepared:
    1. Airbox. At the same time, try to pad some water absorption items in the aviation box, such as: cushion, urine pad
    2. Dogs use strap. It is best to use the shoulder strap, and the small dog can be used for cats. Bring the dog before checking up, then put the dog in the air box, and then tie the end of the strap on the air box. This prevents the case where the box door is opened during transportation.
    3. Aimingly prompt card. Remind others to pay attention to the safety of dogs.
    . Precautions before transportation:
    1. Twelve -hour fasting before shipping. So as not to vomit the dog on the way.
    2. Drink less water. This will not be wet on the way to fly.
    3. Pay attention to keep warm. Especially in winter.

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