How to take the medium -sized dog back to his hometown from Shenzhen (Changde, Hunan)

There is no dog certificate like the title

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  1. I brought my house from Fujian to Hainan at that time to consign it with an airplane ..
    1. I went to the pet epidemic prevention station to apply for a pet immune certificate. If the dog does not have an immune certificate, you need to bring the dog to go , A rabies vaccine, and then the staff will register and show a certificate.

    2. With a pet immune certificate, apply for animal quarantine and county inspection and quarantine certificates in the animal quarantine bureau, it seems that it is a few dollars for forgetting.

    3. The way of handling personal registration is handled, and the personnel of the duty machine have a dog consignment and showing the above proof, and then weighing. The other party will give a list of consignment procedures and fill in according to his requirements. (Pet consignment, the airport is free)

    4, push the pet, go to the package told by the staff, package the aviation special box (20 meters), and pay the pet consignment fee at the payment office.

    5, with the payment certificate departure certificate, return to the check -in counter, and get a personal registered sign.

    6, then take pets to the specified counter for consignment according to the staff's instructions, and sign the exemption statement.

    7. Then there is the plane. Get off the plane. Pet pets

    Add one:

    n Adult full -price air tickets × 1.5 % × kg number

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