1 thought on “What will it be like after 9 days after the dog dies?”

  1. First of all, there must be no rotten, and it must be rotten after a quarter. The more vacuum the corpse will slow down, the more the soil is humid, the depth, the more humid and rotten the speed of rotting, the deeper the more rot, the slower, and the normal burial. Generally, it will start to enter the rotten rotten in half a month. It was completely corroded in half a year to one year.
    It after the dog died, the owner was illegal to bury the body privately. The animal epidemic prevention law has clearly stipulated that the corpse of animal corpses with unknown causes or deaths must not be treated at will. Pet corpses must be harmless, and pet corpses must not be abandoned or buried at will. Otherwise, it will not only violate laws and regulations such as animal epidemic prevention laws, but also violate the general rules of civil law and constitute the abuse of civil rights.

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